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We’re coming out with another newsletter sooner than expected because the information is so important, so striking that you literally need to read it today and share it with a friend. This week, OHA launched a web based tool that for the first time, consolidates all the information you need to begin assessing what to do when you need new health insurance. Instead of having to hunt different websites and make phone calls, you can now look at your options, study up a bit and follow the helpful links to specific information.  We know that getting health coverage is hard and complicated, but you need not worry alone.

If you’ve lost coverage for any reason, one of our case managers can help. Maybe you’ve lost your job.  Or maybe, like one of our current clients, you’ve turned 26 and are getting kicked off your parents’ plan.  Or perhaps, like another one of our clients, you are a disabled veteran who has lost coverage and needs to evaluate quickly a variety of complicated insurance programs, including veteran’s benefits, Medicare, and HUSKY to determine which is your best option.

Our OHA staff is here to help you with coaching and advice to helping you through coverage denials and access to care.  We are seasoned experts and the best in our field at helping individuals, families and even small businesses navigate the ever changing healthcare insurance industry.

Call or email us for free, expert one-on-one assistance.
We’re in your corner!

Ted Doolittle
Healthcare Advocate, State of Connecticut


OHA Announces New Web Tool
For People Who Have Lost
Their Health Insurance

June 2, 2020, Hartford, CT – As Connecticut struggles to recover economic stability due to the Coronavirus many of our citizens are finding themselves in the unfamiliar territory of being unemployed and losing their health insurance, some for the first time. Many were caught unprepared because the economic fall-off was dramatic and abrupt.     

“The Office of Healthcare Advocate (OHA) is here to help you navigate any loss of healthcare insurance.  We can help keep your family covered and your bills for medical care to a minimum,” said Ted Doolittle, the Connecticut State Healthcare Advocate. “We are fielding calls every day from families in crisis, with lots of questions and it can be difficult to pick the best plan and track down the information you need.”
OHA has just released its Loss of Coverage informational web portal with detailed descriptions on consumer options with easy to navigate drop down menus on each choice to help families understand and choose their healthcare plan.  People can also contact OHA for one-on-one assistance.  The web tool can be found here:

Many might be surprised parents and their children may qualify for free coverage under HUSKY, Connecticut’s Medicaid program.  For instance, children in families of four making less than $83,172 a year could qualify. There’s also information on how to continue your insurance under your former employer via COBRA, or people may find that buying insurance in the healthcare Marketplace through Access Health is a viable option, especially since many low and moderate income families will qualify for federal subsidies under the ACA. Although open enrollment has ended, a life changing event, such as sudden unemployment, could open the enrollment period back up for your family.

“We don’t want our fellow residents to be uninsured because the financial impact could be huge and we don’t want folks to feel total despair for lack of information, help and guidance,” said Doolittle. “That’s why we created this important tool and why OHA is here as a resource with seasoned experts in all aspects of healthcare insurance. If you’re having any other issues with your policy coverages from loss or anything else, we’re here to help.  Don’t worry alone about losing your healthcare coverage.”

The OHA is a consumer advocacy agency in Connecticut. Its mission is to make sure consumers’ rights to healthcare access and coverage are protected.  OHA employees are experts in the field of insurance and assist consumers in appealing claim denials, in addition to plan selection and any other problems they are having with their health coverage, including all public health plans such as Medicaid/HUSKY, Medicare, CHIP or Tri-Care.  OHA also monitors regulations and laws in the state and federal governments that can adversely affect Connecticut residents.  More information is available at:

The OHA will help you during this crisis get you the assistance you need. 
OHA Resources
Many other services are covered by the Department of Social Services (DSS). 
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Notice the new address. It’s slightly different than the old one but no worries if you happen to forget, it will automatically redirect you to our new one. Read, enjoy, be informed and know your rights and responsibilities in the fast moving world of healthcare insurance. There are many helpful tips, links and great information you’ll find useful.
Our Mission
The mission of the Office of the Healthcare Advocate (OHA) is to assist consumers with healthcare issues through the establishment of effective outreach programs and the development of communications related to consumer rights and responsibilities as members of healthcare plans.  OHA focuses on assisting consumers in making informed decisions when selecting a health plan; assisting consumers to resolve problems with their health insurance plans and tracking trends of issues/problems, which may require administrative or legislative intervention, or advocacy with industry, the public, or other stakeholders
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