See where single-family homes have been permitted in last 10  years
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Interactive map showing over a decade of single-family home new construction

New construction of single-family homes

Written by Samantha Kearney

Single-family houses are about 1/4 of Chicago's housing. Their low-density tranquility can be revered or despised, depending on where it is located and who is expressing the opinion.

Single-family houses may represent affordability and a cohesive neighborhood to Pilsen's long-term residents, or it could represent the loss of multiple units for a single luxurious mansion in Lincoln Park. Some may associate them with the suburbs, or with families. Put on whatever lens you use to interpret single-family houses, because here is over a decade's worth of data about new construction of single family homes.

Map showing a dense cluster of circles on the north side, but scattered across the city as well.This interactive map shows the location of every permit issued for new construction of single-family homes (excluding duplicates and revision permits). The darker the color, the more expensive the estimated construction costs are.

The North Side had more permits and also has a darker cluster of data points, but new single-family construction happened in nearly all neighborhoods. The Loop, South Loop, and River North are all largely without new single-family homes. North Center was the community area with the most permits. The following chart shows the number of permits issued in selected Top 11 community areas for each complete year of this study, so while the data is from August 2005 to February 2016, these charts show 2006 through 2015.

The housing market crash caused a low point around 2009, and single family houses aren't close to the rate that they were being issued in 2006 when looking citywide (below) though they are close in some community areas (above).

The number of single family new construction permits plunged around 2009.

The estimated construction costs of new single family houses has fluctuated each year as well, hovering between $250,000 and $400,000.

average estimated construction cost per year for new construction permits of single family homes from 2006 to 2015

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