RESET 5 Week Challenge Congratulations!
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Hello RESETers,

You did it!!
You have been on this journey for 5 full weeks. Even though there may have been some bumps in the road or occasional straying off the path, you should be congratulated for taking this on!

At the very least, you each have gone through a pretty thorough sugar cleanse and experimented with some new eating, supplementing, exercise, sleep and stress relief habits. None of it was easy, and I commend you for making the effort and pushing through.

Keep listening to your SHMEC indicators when things feel off, and take a moment to think about where you are on the 5 pathways of Nutrition, Detoxification, Sleep, Exercise, and Stress Reduction. So often we get focused on those numbers on the scale, but I think we have all come to realize that optimal health is so much more than that. Feeling great in your body is the goal, and it does take consistent action to make that happen. 

Please let me know if I can support you further either with products or additional coaching (my rates are here). If you choose to stay on the USANA CellSentials, BioMega, Hepasil DTX, and/or the Nutrimeal or MySmartShakes, we can save you an additional 10% by putting you on an auto-order that will come every 28 days without you even thinking about it. You already save 10% on any order as a preferred customer, so getting on the auto-order doubles your savings! The auto-order can be delayed at any time for up to 4 weeks, and you still receive your discount when it processes. And of course you can cancel it at any time without penalty.

Have your friends and family been wondering what you have been up to over the last month creating that healthy glow? Please feel free to send them my way. We are starting a new RESET group in the next few months! And if you would like some information on how you might be able to pay for your USANA order by referring friends and family, let's talk!

Please follow me over on my FaceBook  and Instagram pages at Living Marvelously for continued Fat Burning support.
Here's to your health,


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