RESET 5 Week Challenge Week 5
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Hello RESETers,

Welcome to Week 5 of our 5-Week RESET Challenge and congratulations on your commitment to your own health and vitality!  Although we wrap up our official program this week, be sure to follow me over on my FaceBook  and Instagram pages at Living Marvelously for continued Fat Burning support.

Some thoughts as we move forward:
If you are finding that cravings and weight loss are still a bit of a challenge, I would invite you to look into the content of your carb feasts. Some people get better results if they avoid the white sugar, white flour and rice, and processed foods and try to incorporate more whole grains into their carb feasts. Relying on fruit and honey or a dash of vanilla to add sweetness to foods instead of pure sugar can also help. 

If weight loss is a high priority, and you have plateaued a bit, you might take a look at your portions for meals and snacks. For the first few weeks of this program, getting the body to choose fat to burn over sugar resulted in a good deal of weight loss for most of you. But now your body is getting used to using fat for fuel, and you may not need quite as many calories as you have been taking in. Keep listening to your body and take note of when you are actually full. Sipping water throughout your meal can help your body slow down and notice when you have had enough.

Once you are firmly in fat-burning mode, you might also experiment with using Bulletproof coffee and intermittent fasting to increase weight loss. Contact me for more information on how to incorporate this technique into your lifestyle.

It is my hope that you take this program on as a lifestyle that gives you all of the energy, focus, and health you need to live each day to the fullest.   Of course, with any lifestyle there will be ups and downs and times when you feel more committed than others.  Traveling or any change of schedules can throw a bit of a wrench in our routines.  

And therein lies the beauty of this fat-burning lifestyle.  You need only return to the 5 Pathways to Fat-Burning--nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, and detoxification--whenever your sleep, mood, hunger, energy or cravings (SHMEC) are telling you that you are no longer in fat-burning mode. Whenever my SHMEC is off, I first take a look at nutrition and basically go back to a hybrid of our RESET week 1--relying more heavily on shakes and smoothies until I start to feel better.

As we finish up this week and continue on with this journey, please do reach out with any questions, concerns or news of your own progress.  I love that we are building a community of people committed to their own radiant health.

I would love to hear your thoughts and reflections about your path towards fat-burning.  Send me an email or give me a call.

Let me know what is one (or more) of the best things that came out of this journey so far for you.  It may be that you are getting better sleep.  Or getting out to walk more often.  It may be that you have lost some extra fat or weight.  It may simply be a heightened awareness of eating only when you are hungry versus eating mindlessly.  

Please do share!  Your successes and experiences may be just what inspires someone else to keep going or to see that they are not alone in this.  
Here's to your health,


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