RESET 5 Week Challenge Welcome!
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Welcome to the 5 week RESET Challenge. I am thrilled that you have decided to join us on your journey to optimal health! Your RESET supplies should be on their way to your doorstep. Please let me now when you receive them! We plan to start together on January 19, but keep me updated if your plans change or products don't quite arrive in time.

Before you get going, Here are a few tips on getting started: 
1-Throughout the program we use a check in system we call SHMEC. It stands for: sleep, hunger, mood, energy and cravings. We want to keep an eye on these indicators as we go through this process to see how things might be improving or changing over time. Ideally, as we transition to fat burning mode, these indicators will improve!
2-Be sure to get a journal of some kind and take note of how you have been feeling lately. 
How are you on a scale of 1-10 today with these SHMEC factors? 
What is your weight today?
Take a measurement of your waistline and around your hips. 
3-Hopefully you will be seeing some changes in these areas very soon.
Let me know where you are falling on the SHMEC scale via text to 919-247-3552 or reply to this email so that I can follow your progress!
4- Print out these three documents and keep them in your kitchen!  
5-The Vitamins and supplements you receive in the RESET kit and the bottles will serve as your multivitamins for 5 weeks. They include all the micronutrients you should need during this time. The vitamins you receive should replace other vitamin supplements you are on, but if you have a question about whether or not you should stop taking those other supplements, let me know and/or ask your doctor. The only contraindicated medicine is Warfarin (Cumadin), so if you are on that, we will need to hold off on the vitamins for now.
Use the RESET Kit provided AM and PM vitamins for the first 5 days. 
on days 6 through end of program, USANA suggested dosage in bottles:
Morning-2 Core Minerals, 2 Vita Antioxidants, 1 BioMega, 1 Hepasil DTX
Evening-2 Core Minerals, 2 Vita Antioxidants, 1 BioMega, 2 Hepasil DTX

Be reminded that when we limit calories during this cleanse, you do not want to restrict your body of any nutrients it needs. Your body will already notice it is getting less of the things (mainly sugar and calories) that it is used to getting, and you don't want to send your body into starvation mode! Taking these supplements also supports the detoxification process that your body goes through every day, but which will be enhanced this first week!
8-Sleep is a big focus during this journey. Sleep is the time when our body heals and rejuvenates. Be sure to allow for 7-9 hours of sleep each night, especially the first few days.
9-Lastly, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink more water than you think you need. Your body will thank you.
Week 1 Structure-Starts Tuesday, January 19:
In addition to the RESET Kit, shakes, and the vitamins you receive from USANA, you will also need a blender or blender bottle, raw vegetables, and ingredients for other low-glycemic snacks. Use the Preparing Carb controlled meals chart to make snack sized portions of fat burning combinations. For these five days, you probably want to leave out meat and focus mostly on veggies, fruit, nuts, and perhaps whole fat dairy for these snacks. Plan on drinking lots of water, and grab a pair of walking/running shoes.
  • NUTRITION:  Day 1-5 Each day you will be using your RESET kit: eating/drinking 3 shakes, 1 or 2 low-glycemic snacks, unlimited raw veggies, lots of water and taking your vitamins with morning and evening meals.  Ideally only one cup of coffee without sugar before noon and definitely no alcohol.  Green tea is a great substitute for coffee or black tea, as it does not spike our adrenaline as much and has a myriad of health benefits as well. Add one stick pack of probiotics to your morning shake to help keep your digestion on track! 
  • EXERCISE:  Minimal the first week.  Walking daily is encouraged--simply a moderate paced 30 minute walk is ideal. Save the more vigorous exercise for later weeks once our bodies are fully in fat-burning mode.
  • SLEEP:  Get lots of sleep!!  Ideally aim for 7 - 9 hours at night.  Napping or resting during the day is encouraged as well.  Remember your body is doing some pretty hefty detoxing so rest is key and will continue to be key in our fat loss goals (it is more important than most people think!)  
  • DETOX:  Your vitamins are going to support your body's detoxification process.  Other ways you can support that process include hot baths at night with a couple scoops of epsom salts and some gentle movement after meals or throughout the day.  And again, lots of water.
  • STRESS: It is best if you can avoid your major stress triggers the first week, but if you can't, prepare yourself for how you might respond to them with as much ease as possible. Letting the people around you know that you are doing this program is helpful so that they can support you during the process.

Finally, be sure to text or call to keep me updated and for insight and support. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to let me know so that I can help you make this experience a pleasant one!

Here's to your health,


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