After a great holiday break ACE Teams are back in action, gearing up for our exciting training delivery programme in 2019. Committed to help you lift your game in 2019. 

At ACE Teams we are passionate about productivity and performance, and Mike has shared his insights abundantly at his free ‘Inspired’ seminars in recent years to help you develop your leadership skills. However, Mike is perhaps better known for designing and delivering exclusive ‘in-house’ trainings for corporates that make a real difference for businesses and their individuals.

Now, Mike goes the next step in making those world class exclusive corporate trainings easily accessible to you with ACE Teams.

ACE stands for Attitude, Capability and Execution. It defines what most leaders want from their teams to achieve high performance. At ACE Teams we focus on strategies that enable you and your team to produce outstanding results and we make them easily accessible to you with our public events, starting May 2019.

However, you don’t need to wait until the events start to boost your performance. Save at least 10 hours worth of work per week today by applying one simple strategy straight away. Click below for this which also qualifies to be part of our ACE Teams learning community :-)

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You may have seen this campaign in recent postings. Well, great news, we are now posting edited interviews on YouTube!!

Check out the interviews posted already by clicking the button below, they are short and on point. This week I will be posting Fredrik Haren Not to be missed I can assure you.

Why should you view Heroes interviews?

Well, here are three reasons to start:
  1. Life if about change and - if we are open minded - we can be inspired from others who have faced similar challenges, changes and choices
  2. Learning through stories. Stories and metaphors are amazing learning vehicles, just look at Steve's story about saying goodbye to Corporate life, or Jill's about losing her first great job, or even Fredrik's about saying adios to an amazing speaking career in Sweden in early 2000s
  3. Be entertained and, yes, laugh. Laugh at life's crazy adversity and challenge sometimes and how often we learn in reflection to galvanize ourselves for our future choices.
But more than anything

For you to be your own hero

To serve you, your partner, your family, your community, in fact whoever you are serving in this life. 
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The Twelve stages of the hero's journey. Which stage are you at?

Belbin, targeting more effective Team Performance

Is your team really firing?

All teams, even the All Blacks, can get an extra five percent
  • energy
  • productivity
  • self awareness
  • profit
  • fun!
In fact 5% is a very small target

Some teams lift 30%+ once team and coaching learning's from Belbin are implemented

In the last 12 months after completing around 50 Belbin Surveys, what have the teams learned? Well, generally speaking:
  • Their self awareness was not what they thought
  • Their knowledge of their behaviour linked to their role in the workplace was not what they thought
  • Their world has been opened up to other role possibilities more in tune with their persona and behaviour, leading to more effective team performance and bottom line
Belbin provides a common language of expression for this and legitimizes conversations. Click below for an introduction. 
Introduction to Belbin Team Roles
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