Is Your Staff Turnover Killing You?


Enter the Team Magnetism Model (TMM)

Staff turnover kills businesses. Period.

The stats are grim.

It is a killer.

Is it killing you? Today.

In recent years a significant portion of coaching work has been with leaders and teams in the leadership and culture space. Through this extensive coal face experience I have developed a specific coaching model, the Team Magnetism Model (TMM). The model purpose is centred upon magnetism to attract, retain, nurture and grow key talent. 


Because losing good staff presents one of the most significant and sinister threats to businesses. All businesses. Unaddressed it can be the death knell. 

Will it be yours?

Learn about TMM 

To learn more click below. Video 1 presents an introduction, the why, the thinking, the stats and the relevancy of my specific background in the engineering and construction sandpit. 

Video 2 presents a walk through of the five step model, open book - no smoke and mirrors. Finally, a case study is presented which details the impact of the TMM implementation on the bottom line for a particular business. You may be surprised by the results.

Target Market for TMM

The TMM is targeted at engineering, construction and allied businesses as this as been the focus of implementation to date, aligned with my career background. However, it is easily transferable to other sector businesses. If you do not operate in this sector fear not, the model can still apply to you.

How do I know it will be a fit for us?

Fit finding is determined during the free 30 min strategy session, bookable through the YouCanBookMe link. Or I call you to sync up a date and time. Simple.

Put a stop to your staff retention nightmares and implement the Team Magnetism Model. Today.
Click Here to Learn more about Team Magnetism Model (TMM) with real world Case Study

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