Happy Thanksgiving Update!

Dear Friends and Family,
We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!   We celebrated Thanksgiving with fellow missionaries here in Swaziland. It was a time to thank the Lord for His faithfulness and His many blessings.
The last few months have been filled with great joy as the Lord has transformed students through the ISOM bible schools throughout Swaziland. He has also brought new ministry opportunities for us to share the Word of God and to partner with other ministries here in Swaziland and Namibia, to share with others what the Lord has revealed to us over the years.
A few months ago, we received a prophetic word that the Lord was "extending our tents pegs and boundaries".  Swaziland is still our primary focus; teaching pastors in the rural areas where they do not have access to sound biblical teaching of the Word of God ...... and to plant churches in these rural areas with like hearted pastors who want to see lost souls come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

In addition to what we are currently doing, the Lord is directing us to  elevate our eyesight, causing us to look at things through His eyes with a broader perspective. 
The Lord is giving us opportunities to minister the
Word of God "to the nations"!
That has always been our heart ....... after all, that is why we are here in Swaziland! So we continued to seek the Lord, pray and ask how and what would it look like going "to the nations?"  Well it was a simple matter of saying "YES" to the Lord to two simple questions almost 6 months ago:
~ Would you teach at YWAM Swaziland?
~ Would you teach "Freedom in Christ" in Namibia?

Continue reading on as we share with you how the Lord did the impossible once again. In September we taught at the YWAM base here in Swaziland. Then in October we traveled to Namibia to minister "Freedom in Christ" to the international staff at Christ's Hope International. (More details and photos below.)

In the middle of our teaching, we managed to take a quick trip to see Shelly in the UK, at YWAM in Liverpool.

Finally, we just celebrated our 11th year ministering here in Swaziland. It's hard to believe its been that long! We would like to thank each of you for partnering with us, praying for us and giving to the Lord's work here in Swaziland. We would not be here if it wasn't for you, the body of Christ working together and partnering to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ
"to the nations".
Thank you ... Thank you .... Thank you!
Peace and grace, in Jesus name!
Love, Karen and Randy
Thanksgiving dinner with friends! Blessed to share this time together!
YWAM Teaching - "The King and His Kingdom"
In the first week of September, we were asked to teach at the YWAM base in Swaziland. YWAM stands for "Youth With A Mission" and the focus of the 6 month course was "To Know God .... and Make Him Known."  Both of our daughters have been involved with YWAM over the years and it has had a huge impact not only on Kay and Shelly, but on all of us as a family.  Shelly has actually been ministering with YWAM 8 years now.

Our teaching focused on
Jesus the King, and the Kingdom that He brought from heaven down to earth. As citizens in this spiritual kingdom, how then do we live? Using Jesus as our example, we looked at topics such as God's sovereignty, the constitution of the kingdom, the structure and authority of the kingdom, kingdom giving, resting in the finished work of the cross, kingdom warfare, freedom, worship, function, prayer and communication, the culture of the kingdom ...... and the King's return!  It was an absolute joy to be able to minister to this group of students over the course of the week. Students were from

USA, The Nederlands, Ghana, Brazil,
Swaziland, Bulgaria, South Africa

Below are some some of the highlights from the week. Besides the relationships developed, other highlights were hearing how the students, equipped with the Word of God took the gospel of Jesus Christ to

Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

We are so thankful and blessed to be a small part of what the Lord is doing here and 'in the nations!"

After reflecting on what the Lord had done, we realized that when we said "Yes" to the Lord to teach here at the YWAM base, 12 kilometers from our home ..... 
 the Lord used that opportunity to reach the nations, He brought the nations to us!
"Freedom In Christ" Training in Namibia, with Christ's Hope International
Months ago, we were asked by Christ's Hope International in Namibia, to come and minister to their international staff. We prayed and asked the Lord ..... and He said YES!
"Christ’s Hope International exists to glorify God through caring for children and families infected with or affected by HIV and AIDS. Christ’s Hope International cares for over 1,000 children in 23 Ministry CarePoints across sub Saharan Africa. Each CarePoint is managed by national leaders and provide holistic, Christ-centered care. We use a sustainable model to preserve families as we endeavor to break the cycle of poverty, HIV and AIDS – the brokenness which results from cultural practices and traditions that are not Biblical. We are raising up a generation of CYCLEBREAKERS."
What a blessings it was to minister to such an amazing group of people. We spent time reviewing who we are in Christ ..... our identity. Then discussed that freedom is part of the gospel and has been purchased on the cross by Jesus, just like forgiveness of sins. Next, we discussed those strongholds ..... or things that are holding us back from growing in greater intimacy with the Lord. Things like sin, unbelief and unforgiveness. We talked about repentance being an ongoing lifestyle of the believer. We are always changing the way we think and agreeing with more and more of what God thinks and says!
Once the foundation was laid, we then went to the Lord in prayer and asked for help identifying things in our lives that we need to be "free from". Forgiveness towards other is something that we all have to address at sometime in our lives, times where we weren't treated fairly or justly. Others needed to forgive those people who had physically or sexually abused them when they were little. Some shared that they were abandoned as children by their father. Others shared that they never knew the love of their mother and really needed to forgive her for that. After going to the Lord in prayer, there was freedom and joy in the hearts of the people because only the Lord is able to help us to forgive someone who has harmed us or offended us.
Other topics included generational patterns and sins, dealing with fear, witchcraft, idolatry and bondage's to addictions, rejection, and pride just to name a few.

Each day we began in worship and prayer and devotion ..... and each day ended in praise and worship, thanking the Lord for what He had done!
We were so amazed at what the Lord did. When all was said and done, we were back home in Swaziland reflecting on the goodness of the Lord and what he had done, and realized that we had taken the

Word of God "to the nations!"
Yes, we went to Namibia .....
but the Lord brought the nations to us!

Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, DR Congo, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya,
United States, Belgium, and the Netherlands!

Only the Lord can take our  "YES" and multiply our efforts to touch the nations so quickly, efficiently and effectively!!!!
Visit to see Shelly at YWAM Liverpool in the UK
Shelly has been with YWAM in the UK since January 2013. She started in Luten, then Harpenden, and moved to Liverpool in November 2016. At the end of September we visited Shelly in Liverpool for the very first time!  The ministry she is currently involved with is called "Pearls Project" and they focus on ministering to street workers and helping the women get out of prostitution. While we were there, we  were able to meet Shelly's other team members and get to know them a little. The main thing ...... was to see Shelly and spent time with her and meet her friends!
The next three pictures are from YWAM King's Lodge in Nuneaton. While we were visiting Shelly, she had a meeting with various YWAM bases in their region, to share what the Lord is doing in their respective ministries and share how the Lord is directing them for 2018.
This  picture is Shelly with her base leader Jude & her beautiful baby boy who came 3 months early! Jude has taken time off to be a mom and Shelly is acting as base leader until Jude returns.
Above, Shelly sharing with other YWAM bases in their region, what the Lord is doing through "Pearls Project" and the Liverpool base. As well as, what they are planning for 2018. So proud of her and her heart for others!
Penny Lane with the Beatles in Liverpool
Government buildings at the Port of Liverpool
Family dinner with Joel, his family and friends
Tea & coffee with John and Lindsay Greaves.
Randy, me, Shelly and Joel at Conwy Castle.
The Great Orme in Conwy, Wales
We also visited the pier in Llandudno, Wales
Conwy Castle in Wales.
A beautiful church in Liverpool.
Conwy Castle, Wales
The castle
Prayer Requests:
~Please pray for the students as we prepare for ISOM bible school graduations. Pray that each of the students walk in obedience to what they have learned this year, and that they share it with others.

~Pray for wisdom from the Lord in how to proceed with ISOM bible schools and church plants for 2018.

~ Please pray for our travels to Montenegro. Shelly will be joining us too. We will be going there for the birth of the baby and Christmas, to help in any way we can and to be a blessing to Mark and Kay.

~ Please pray for Mark, Kay and Jadon as they prepare for new baby girl.  Pray for a healthy, happy and strong baby girl.

~ Please pray that Mark & Kay's container of household furnishings from Swaziland arrives SOON, before the baby comes! It should arrive sometime this week. When we arrive, our plan is to help them unpack it and get settled in their home. Yeah!!!!

Thank you for praying! We love to hear back from you what the Lord is doing and how we can be praying for you too!

Much Love, Randy and Karen
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