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Welcome to a new Pinball Magazine Newsletter. This is also the first newsletter in a new style. Previous newsletters focused on any news regarding Pinball Magazine publications. From now on Pinball Magazine plans to send out a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter that will summarize what's been happening in the world of pinball during the previous month(s). The newsletter will also contain a diary with upcoming pinball events as well as any news about Pinball Magazine publications. Where possible the parties involved have been asked to comment as well. So without further ado, here we go:
Who’s working on what? – June / July 2016
On June 1st Stern Pinball and Farsight Studios announced the Stern Pinball Arcade, a new Virtual Reality simulator that will have Data East, Sega and Stern Pinball games. The app is different to Farsight Studios' Pinball Arcade as this is a virtual reality app. First titles announced are Star Trek, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Starship Troopers and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.
Stern’s Dave Peterson told us, "The first virtual reality versions of SPI’s games are currently being offered by Samsung as part of a summer promotion for their gear virtual reality headset.  The Virtual Reality games are also available in the Stern Pinball Arcade on the Oculus virtual reality store."
Stern Pinball made a soft announcement on Stern's Facebook of The Pabst Can Crusher to appear at Comicon in San Diego, CA, followed by an official announcement a few weeks later. As promised the game was featured in Stern’s Comicon booth. Playfield and backglass art images have appeared on the Pinside Forum since then. At the show Stern Pinball shared a booth with Nuclear Blast Records, JSR Merchandising and KVH Toys.
The Pabst Can Crusher is a retheme of Stern's Whoa! Nellie Big Juicy Melons game with new artwork by Dirty Donny. Rumors have it that the game could be rethemed to get rid of an overstock of Whoa Nellie parts. That game was controversial due to its pricing and some didn't appreciate the art package on it. The Pabst Can Crusher is currently advertised for $6,399.00, supposedly down from $ 6,995.00.
In response to some questions emailed to Stern’s head honcho Dave Peterson, here’s his reply: “Stern Pinball Inc (SPI) will be building more Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons later this summer to fill open orders that keep rolling in.  The Pabst Can Crusher is a continuation of the company’s history of producing games in partnership with organizations interested in promoting their own brands through pinball. This game was designed and produced for Pabst’s use in its promotional activities.  It was not intended for sale through SPI’s traditional channels.  However, interest in the game from the pinball community has been high.  Pabst will be selling the game on its website later this summer:”
Jack Guarnieri of Jersey Jack Pinball reports they been building and delivering The Hobbit. They are also planning another run of The Wizard of Oz, for which a separate assembly line has been built in their New Jersey factory. They’re also hiring new people to work on this second assembly line.
Spooky Pinball have been building Rob Zombie Spookshow International, which is limited to a production of 300 games. They also unveiled their Domino's Spectacular Pinball Adventure game at a Domino's Pizza conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday June 19th. The game's playfield is reminiscent of the layout of Spooky's first pinball machine, America's Most Haunted, but with several changes and completely new artwork. The game was received very well at the convention. Production is scheduled to start in August. In the mean time the game will be developed and fine-tuned further. In an interview Spooky Pinball founder Charlie Emery also mentioned that the company's next game will be another collaboration with Ben Heck. This will be a licensed theme and production is likely to go up to 500 units.
Dutch Pinball have started the production of The Big Lebowski at the ARA facility in Aalten, The Netherlands. Production isn't at full speed yet, but despite that the first games have already been delivered to their customers and the first container with games is on its way across the ocean to New York. Prior to initiating the production Dutch Pinball built five sample production games of which some are currently operated on test locations throughout The Netherlands. These games will help to see how the game earns and any issues that may arise on location. While the software is still being tweaked, the game appears to be already quite complete and a lot of fun to play.
Andrew Heighway of Heighway Pinball reports his team has been busy building Full Throttle games and developing and testing their upcoming Alien game. Contrary to previous years Andrew is not organising a UK Pinball Party this year.
Owner Mike Kalinowski of Homepin in China informs us that the company is still developing its Thunderbirds themed pinball machine, but has had to deal with some setbacks recently. One of them was that their programmer passing away in his sleep and most of his work was lost. While starting over from scratch on the code the factory is busy manufacturing generic pinball mechanisms and Hankin video games. In the mean time Homepin’s Facebook-page showed a video of illuminated side art for the Thunderbirds backbox and a rough drawing of the current cabinet artwork.
Pinball Life has announced in June to be the exclusive distributor of Homepin replacement parts in the United States.
Pinball games in development (and not already mentioned above):

Stern Pinball doesn’t usually announce any games upfront. However, one can be sure that designers John Borg, Steve Ritchie and John Trudeau each have a new game in development, of which John Borg’s game is likely to be the next to be revealed. Rumored titles (and absolutely not confirmed in any way) include Aerosmith, Star Wars (Steve Ritchie) and Iron Maiden*. Whizbang Pinball, which is the creative outlet of pinball designer Dennis Nordman and Stern Pinball’s art director Greg Freres, have announced that they are working on a new game for Stern for 2017.
* On the Pinside forum it was revealed that the license for an Iron Maiden pinball machine has already been taken. Details on which company has it are not available, but there are not that many companies that would be able to deliver a game like that. Stern has a long history of rock-themed pinball machines, so it may have picked this one up as well. However, any of the other companies may have been after the license as well and we can only speculate on who was able to secure it.
Jersey Jack Pinball’s third title is being designed and developed by Pat Lawlor and his team. Unlike previous JJP titles there have been no games sold by pre order and no release date has been announced. The game will be shown once the team feels they are ready to reveal the game.
Heighway Pinball has apparently already secured licenses for upcoming titles, but it is unclear which and whether they are already being developed at this point.
Phenix Pinball is a new French company run by Christian Petit. He’s developing a game called Olympic Goblin, which he has been showing at various french pinball shows. The game has an intentionally basic layout like 1970s Gottlieb games. It has a special alphanumeric board set in the backbox that was developed by Boston Pinball Company. The game will be running on one of Pascal Janin’s boards and Pascal has agreed to do the programming for the game as well. For sounds a PinSound board will be used.
Other news:
The Pacific Pinball Museum has moved its warehouse to a bigger location, four times the size of their previous warehouse. At this new warehouse it will be possible to set up games and host events, of which the first is scheduled for the weekend of November 11th. The current idea is to highlight the career of former Gottlieb designer Wayne Neyens at this event. Please note the museum itself is not moving.
Speaking of Wayne Neyens: The legendary pinball designer celebrated his 98th birthday at the end of July. Wayne is currently recovering from pneumonia, which had him hospitalized last month. While he’s back home recovering his spirit seems to be as vibrant as ever. Pinball Magazine wishes Wayne a happy birthday and a speedy recovery!
ColorDMD has been releasing colored versions of dot animations for 44 titles now. The latest titles include Roller Coaster Tycoon, Cirqus Voltaire and Terminator 3. ColorDMD is also offering a new multicolor LED dotmatrix display for games where the regular LCD display won’t fit.
Pinball Expo founder Rob Berk is launching a new show: the Arcade & Video Gameroom Expo. It will be held in Chicago, the last weekend of August.
Pinball Magazine news:
  • Pinball Magazine No. 4 is in the works and should be available around October 2016. Ads are currently being taken.
  • Currently available in the Pinball Magazine webshop are Pinball Magazine No. 1, Pinball Magazine No. 3, Santiago Ciuffo’s PINBALL book and several posters taken from Santiago Ciuffo’s PINBALL book. Click here to visit the Pinball Magazine webshop.
  • Pinball Magazine No. 2 is sold out in the Pinball Magazine webshop. Several vendors may still have copies available. Click here for a list of those vendors.
  • Besides working on Pinball Magazine No. 4, issue 5 is also being worked on as well as some other media that should tie in with Pinball Magazine No. 5. More news on that in upcoming newsletters.
  • Where previously Pinball Magazine would ship out orders in monthly batches to meet a required minimum quantity, the frequency of shipping out orders will be shorter in the future as the minimum required quantity to ship has been reduced. So your next Pinball Magazine order is likely to be with you more quickly than previously.
 Pinball events for August and September 2016
That’s all for now. Keep on flippin!
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PS: The above is a summary of news spotted by the editors of Pinball Magazine. If your news was not listed, or if you have news to report, feel free to submit your press release to: editor AT pinball-magazine DOT com (AT=@, DOT=. no spaces).
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