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Welcome to Pinball Magazine’s recap of November 2016.
The IAAPA show in Florida was the big industry tradeshow where Stern, Jersey Jack and Chicago Gaming had their latest games lined up.
Stern Pinball brought Metallica, Walking Dead, Ghostbusters, Spider-Man Vault and Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons. Clearly Batman ’66, the game that premiered at Pinball Expo last month, is the game that was missing on the show floor. So far there’s been no gameplay video footage of Batman '66 either – although on Nov. 29 Stern did publish the flyer images for all three Batman models on its Facebook page.
The company also updated the code for Ghostbusters to version 1.11, and is apparently working on an update for KISS. Stern is also working with Mezel Mods on a bundle of Mezel mods for Ghostbusters.
Stern’s new Spider-Man entry-level game for home users, designed by George Gomez, is currently available with some distributors. The game is clearly aiming at some holiday season sales.
Stern also reported that the Stern Pinball Arcade, which includes virtual versions of Stern games, is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Jersey Jack Pinball brought The Wizard of Oz, The Hobbit and Dialed In to IAAPA and all were playable. The Hobbit was running new Pindemption software. At Free Play Florida, a pinball show held the weekend prior to the IAAPA show, Jack Guarnieri reported that 19 Dialed In games have been build so far, all to be taken to events and tradeshows. One of these is currently on test at Level 257 in Schaumberg, Illinois. The Collector’s Edition of the game is available to order until midnight of December 31st, 2016.
Jersey Jack Pinball also appointed Gold Coast International as their exclusive distributor for Latin America

Chicago Gaming was also present at IAAPA with its Medieval Madness remake. Their second remake game has still not been announced, but there are rumors going around that that game is not going to be manufactured by Stern Pinball (who made Medieval Madness.)
Heighway Pinball sent out an update regarding its Alien game. The left ramp on the game had several issues and has been redesigned, giving it more flow, and the Queen’s Chamber on the playfield is going to be replaced with something else, but it has not yet revealed exactly what.
Heighway Pinball is trying to build 20 Standard Alien games by early December and another ten before Dec. 16, while 100 Alien Limited Edition games are scheduled to be manufactured in January. Whether these numbers are anywhere near realistic remains to be seen as the company has quite a history of missed deadlines – but let’s hope for the best.
Ben Heck tweeted a photo of a blank playfield on a rotisary, indicating that he has started working on a new design for Spooky Pinball. In the meantime Spooky Pinball is still offering its Domino’s Spectacular Pinball Adventure game until Dec. 31 on its website.
ColorDMD has announced Family Guy and Bram Stoker’s Dracula as its latest titles. The Dracula game marks the 50th title in the ColorDMD catalog.
Pinball Dreams from Germany have created several 3D lenticular translates for Medieval Madness, White Water, Attack from Mars and Fish Tales. Next up is Theatre of Magic. They are also working on Revenge from Mars. These 3D translites can also be ordered from Planetary Pinball Supplies in USA.
Pinball Magazine news
For Pinball Magazine the biggest news of last month was that Pinball Magazine No. 4 was published and the first batch of orders has already shipped out. Pinball Magazine No. 4 has 244 pages and focuses on the career of pinball designer Mark Ritchie, who designed iconic games such as Taxi, Fish Tales, Indiana Jones and others.
Contribution by others about Mark Ritchie include coin-op amusement industry legends Eugene JarvisGeorge PetroSteve RitchieChris Granner and others, all revealing great insights in working with Mark Ritchie.
Other articles in the magazine include:
  • A 17-page interview with Dutch Pinball owners Barry Driessen and Jaap Nauta discussing the making of The Big Lebowski.
  • A 19-page interview with pinball animation artist Jean-Paul de Win who discusses his work for Jersey Jack Pinball  (The Hobbit, Dialed In!), Dutch Pinball (The Big Lebowski), Silver Castle Pinball (Timeshock) and more.
  • Showtime: Ed Vanderveen discusses the very successful Texas Pinball Festival. (Special guests at the 2017 edition in March include: Steve Ritchie, Mark Ritchie, George Gomez, Dennis Nordman, Grege Freres, Cassandra Peterson (Elvira!) and others)
  • Dan Ferguson discusses the Lone Star Pinball Museum in Hockley, Texas.
  • Jeff Frick discusses collecting prewar pinball machines.
  • A triple interview on Dallas Makerspace’s VECTOR Committee where some great pinball restorations take place.
  • Essential Website: the Internet Pinball Database, interview with manager Jay Stafford
  • Store: Pinball Universe‘s new approach to bringing pinball to the people
  • Artist Lippy discusses the first issue of Binge Trigger
  • And much more…
With the holidays coming up Pinball Magazine will look into shipping out another batch of orders early in December. If you haven’t ordered your copy of Pinball Magazine No. 4 yet, why don’t you treat yourself to an early Christmas present by ordering it in the Pinball Magazine webshop?
The final touches to Pinball Magazine No. 4 were done while flying to San Francisco. Besides attending the 7th Pacific Pinball Expo in Alameda, which was a great show, Argentinean photographer Santiago Ciuffo and I visited several collectors in California. Both Santiago and I each shot over a thousand of photos that hopefully will appear in future issues of Pinball Magazine. As you may recall Pinball Magazine published Santiago Ciuffo’s PINBALL book, which is packed with beautiful pinball photography (and still available in the Pinball Magazine webshop). There is an idea for a new book that should feature some of the material shot last month, so stay tuned for news on that.
That’s all for now. Two important last notes:
  1. Quite a few people seem to be under the assumption that they have a subscription to Pinball Magazine and will automatically receive Pinball Magazine No. 4. However, Pinball Magazine doesn’t have a subscription model. In order to receive Pinball Magazine No. 4, visit the Pinball Magazine webshop and order your copy there.
  2. We’re looking into making some changes to the webshop in order to handle package deals in an easier way. Those who ordered Pinball Magazine No. 4 and some other issues and/or the PINBALL book received a refund of overpaid postal costs. As long as the webshop isn’t updated with a new shipping module, refunds for overpaid postal costs will be applicable for package deals when ordered in combination with Pinball Magazine No. 4.

    I apologize for this work around, but it’s the easiest solution for the time being.
Keep on flippin’
Jonathan Joosten
Pinball Magazine
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