Innovation makes good solutions better // Future design trends // German Design Award for Troldtekt rhomb
Innovation is part and parcel of the work of architects. The words are those of Lone Wiggers, an architect and partner with C.F. Møller. Read the interview, in which she touches on how architectural designs can pave the way for new materials or working methods. 

The German Design Council has just awarded the German Design Awards 2017. In an interview with Troldtekt, CEO of the German Design Council, Andrej Kupetz, gives his views on new trends. One of this year’s winners was the Troldtekt rhomb – which brings together sustainability, elegance and excellent acoustics in a single wall solution. 

Troldtekt’s own competition, Troldtekt Award, has attracted many innovative entries from architecture and design students worldwide. See the winning project, and read more about the competition. See also how floating acoustic clouds and sound-absorbing art have created a peaceful home environment for a family in central Copenhagen.
Innovation makes good solutions better

Innovation is part and parcel of the work of architects. The words are those of Lone Wiggers, a partner of the architectural firm C.F. Møller. 

The architects live by the credo that all new design projects must include elements of innovation, but always based on a thorough understanding of and respect for the existing solutions, the character of the building and the client’s keenness to explore new avenues.

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Troldtekt Award goes to Romania

The jury panel has selected two students from the ‘Ion Mincu’ University of Architecture and Urbanism (UAUIM) in Bucharest as winners of the Troldtekt Award and a EUR 5,000 prize. Both the runners-up prize and the special prize go to students from Iran.

The idea behind the winning project - Troldtekt AIR - is working with Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool in many different thicknesses. In this way, the acoustic panels can even be used to build a house.

See the winning project and interview with the winners
Wood is trendy and attracts designers

Sustainability, a shared use of everyday products and a fascination for natural materials such as wood.

Those are some of the future trends within interior design according to German Design Council’s CEO, Andrej Kupetz. In this interview he explains the emerging trends.

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German Design Award for Troldtekt rhomb

For the second consecutive year, a design solution from Troldtekt A/S is among the winners of the prestigious German Design Award. This year’s awards were presented on 10 February at an award ceremony in Frankfurt. 

Troldtekt received the prestigious honour for Troldtekt rhomb, a product that brings together sustainability, elegant design and good acoustics in a single wall solution.

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Film: From poor to superior acoustics

Andreas and his family moved from the USA to a very nice flat in the heart of Copenhagen. It was not until after they moved in that they realised how poor the acoustics were – a major problem for Andreas who suffers from hearing loss. 

Watch Andreas explain how floating acoustic clouds and sound-absorbing art on the walls have created a peaceful home environment. You can also hear the Danish trend expert Mads Arlien-Søborg’s views on the new acoustic solution designed for the flat.

See the film from the flat in Copenhagen

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