Interview with Philip Tidd, expert in office design // Inspiring TED talk on acoustics // New design solutions from Troldtekt
Skype meetings and knowledge sharing via mobile phone. Digital forms of collaboration are placing new demands on the design, acoustics and indoor climate of the physical office.
Read an interview with Philip Tidd, an expert in office design at Gensler, a global consulting firm. He emphasises that the office of the future must have several places where employees can concentrate, collaborate and learn.

Learn how to achieve good acoustics in an office setting. Dr. Christian Nocke from Akustikbüro Oldenburg in Germany is one of the leading specialists in room acoustics. He points to human considerations as a guide to good acoustics. 
Watch an inspiring TED talk on acoustics, and see examples of how new design solutions from Troldtekt can combine good acoustics and unique design in the office.
Offices must be designed for the virtual world
Digital collaboration tools and mobile technology are changing the way the modern workplace needs to be organised.
Philip Tidd is an office interior design expert at Gensler – leading consultants in the area of collaborative design. He spoke about future office interior design at the Nohr-Con conference in Copenhagen on 14 April. See his insights into the new trends for office environments.

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Human considerations should guide good acoustics

Dr. Christian Nocke from Akustikbüro Oldenburg in Germany is ranked as one of the leading specialists in room acoustics. On May 31, 2016, he spoke at the DBZ Fachforum Akustik conference in Dortmund about the impact of acoustics in offices. 

These are his views on how to achieve good acoustics in an office setting. 

How to achieve good acoustics in offices

TED talk: Buildings must also be designed for ears

Architects are more interested in how a building looks than how it sounds. And poor acoustics are a major problem for health, productivity and our social lives.
These were key points by sound consultant Julian Treasure from the Sound Agency in Britain in an inspiring TED talk. He also provides examples of what is required to achieve better acoustics. 

See the video with Julian Treasure
Good acoustics with a vibrant design

Acoustics have a major effect on indoor climate in modern offices. But aesthetics also play a role for most people.
Troldtekt offers several design solutions that allow developers and consultants to give the classic acoustic panels a unique and vibrant design. 

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An introduction to acoustics

If the acoustics are poor, sound becomes noise. That is why it is important to know the concepts of sound pressure, speech intelligibility, frequency, reverberation and sound absorption value. 

Learn about the most important terms within room acoustics or calculate the acoustics in a room using the Troldtekt acoustics calculator.

Watch the video and try out our acoustics calculator

Vilhelm Lauritzen

In Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects have transformed an old warehouse room into a modern office, where the architects are now based. The concrete floor has been preserved, existing columns, walls and girders have been painted white, and large window sections have been built into the previously solid outside walls. The ceiling has been clad with Troldtekt panels.

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BBC TV Centre

The BBC TV Centre in London was recently extensively redesigned by HOK architects.  Leaving the internal structure and services of the building exposed, the architects created an open and flexible workplace with an industrial theme. High performance Troldtekt acoustic panels on all the ceilings and the soffit around the circular atrium reduce noise and resonance to a minimum, ensuring a pleasant and calm environment.

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Office building C

World-renowned US architect, Frank Gehry, has designed the master plan for the harbour front in Sønderborg, Denmark. Kontorhus C is situated right on the waterfront, and was designed by schmidt hammer lassen architects. Troldtekt panels on the balcony sides and ceilings ensure a pleasant acoustic environment that matches the exclusive architecture.

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