Catering Trends: November 1st, 2016

In this month's newsletter, we share tips on how to get the most out of your company reviews, how to make a handbook that employees really read, why Instagram Stories are effective and more. Happy reading!

Making the Most of Your Customer Reviews

By: nuphoriq

We truly enjoyed being able to share some knowledge on the importance of customer reviews in our most recent ICA webinar! For those who couldn't make the seminar, we've created this article that explains the importance of reviews and contains helpful tips on how to get more of them from happy clients.

Event Spotlight: Hosting a Rustic Farm Wedding

By: The JDK Group

As rustic weddings continue to be popular, it can be refreshing to see new takes on this trend. Take a look at the photos and menu items from this elegant celebration to find some new inspiration.

How to Create a Handbook Employees Actually Read

By: Fast Company

How many people actually read employee handbooks front to back? Sure, there are the dedicated few, but the majority don't spare it a glance. These creative tips will ensure that your employees actually read your handbook—and maybe even enjoy it.

On Instagram? This New Feature Can Double Your Exposure

By: Adage

Major companies, including Nike, GE and Mountain Dew, have begun using Instagram's new Stories feature instead of Snapchat. Read more about why they're making the switch and why you should, too.

Tips on Hosting an Unforgettable Holiday Party

By: Catersource Magazine

Holiday parties—whether you love them, like them or hate them, they are a huge part of the catering business. Discover several creative ideas on how to make your holiday parties memorable for every guest.

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