July 7th, 2015

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Catering Trends: July 7th, 2015

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Gay marriage has been recently legalized by the U.S. Supreme Court. With this significant change fresh in mind, we bring a little wedding spice to this month’s edition of Catering Trends Monthly, which, as one of the articles below will tell you, should launch the wedding industry into some pretty significant growth (hello, wedding caterers!).

The Economic Impact of Gay Marriage

This $2.5 billion dollar question has prompted a wide variety of analyses, each one trying to predict the economic impact of gay marriage on the already thriving wedding industry. Take a look at these numbers, broken down by state, to see what you can expect to start coming your way.

Biggest Wedding Trends of 2015

Wedding trends are still all the rage—perhaps now more than ever. Browse this cleverly organized wedding trends article for a great recap on the most in-demand wedding requests as well as ideas to take those popular client wants and compliment them something more unique.

BRANDING 101: Why Brand Awareness is So Darn Hard to Measure

Hard to measure? Yes. Super important? Absolutely. As we’ve discussed before, your brand is everything. It’s what sells (not you!), what doesn’t sell, what keeps people coming back…it’s everything. Part four of this branding series dives deeper into your brand to teach you all about what awareness should mean to you.

Why Business Blogging Really Matters

Content marketing is the marketing of today. Honestly. It’s quickly taking the place of AdWords and pay-per-click advertising, which is why we are huge proponents of starting your own successful blog based on a smart, applicable, helpful strategy. Get familiar with blogging for business here, caterers, because this especially applies to you!

Featured Event: Culinary Capers’ Venue Opening Party

Vancouver’s newest space, Waterview, is a 3,250 sq. ft. venue with a flexible, open floor plan, floor-to-ceiling windows and a panoramic view of the city. See how Culinary Capers combined the trendy DIY interactive concept (a la baked Alaska on a stick…yum) with delicious and unique chef action stations, plus see the sleek décor and beautiful accents throughout the full space!

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