SMP Parts AB is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality equipment and tools for excavators and backhoe loaders.

New owners focusing on growth

At the start of July this year, SMP Parts acquired new owners in the form of the investment company MVI and the venture capital company Fouriertransform. This strong partnership has big visions and clear goals for SMP Parts' business operation. The company intends to grow and increase its international market share through a clear focus on marketing and sales. 

"SMP Parts is a well managed company that historically has enjoyed healthy financial growth. They operate in a sector that we have long been interested in, where several Swedish companies are world leaders within their respective niches. We saw SMP as a real jewel in the sector, and therefore decided to become owners in the company," says Daniel Nilsson, Partner at MVI.

The other owner, Fouriertransform, is tasked with strengthening the international competitiveness of the Swedish manufacturing industry. They therefore place great emphasis on the companies they become involved with being competitive in the long term and manufacturing products that are commercially viable.
"SMP Parts is a fantastic company that has achieved a level where it is now time to take the next step. "This will require investment in growth, not cost-cutting," says Christian Zeuchner, Investment Director at Fouriertransform.

The new owners are working closely together and have developed a joint business plan. The goals for the operation are clear. The marketing of the products must increase in order to win greater market share internationally. They are currently seeking a knowledgeable and experienced managing director to lead this work. There is great potential in the business. It produces a wide range of high-quality products, possesses sound knowledge and genuinely cares for its customers.

"SMP Parts manufactures premium products of the highest quality. Buckets for the most demanding environments and world-class tilt products. We can continue to build on this foundation, expanding the product portfolio so that it meets customer demands to an even greater extent," says Christian Zeuchner.

"Increased focus on international marketing and sales are necessary to become even more successful. We believe that there is much to be gained on the international markets in Europe," says Stefan Karlsson, Partner at MVI.

For SMP, the new owners are providing a clear industrial focus, financial strength and an important industrial network. Having two strong owners behind them provides self-confidence and the courage to invest strategically. The previous owners had a long-term outlook, and the new owners intend to adopt the same approach.

"We don't need to sell SMP Parts within a certain time frame, rather we will always have the company's best interests at heart. The aim is to expand the company's product portfolio, to sell more on an international market and to make a great company even better. We will be working unwaveringly to succeed," concludes Christian Zeuchner.



Ownership share 57%. An investment company that invests in profitable companies that are ripe for development on growing markets. MVI concentrates on majority investments in profitable, stable companies with a long-term ownership perspective, with no demands for a pre-determined exit period.


Ownership share 43%. A state-owned venture capital company that invests in companies within the manufacturing sector that are ripe for development, with the aim of strengthening their international competitiveness. This task includes being a long-term industrial partner and an active owner that helps to ensure the structured and successful commercialisation and continued growth of the companies.

SMP's Board of Directors

SMP's new Board of Directors comprises a combination of owner representatives and knowledgeable industrialists.
The Chairman of the Board is Finn Johnsson from MVI, a highly experienced company manager who has been CEO of a number of major companies, including Euroc and Mölnlycke Health Care. He has also been a Board member of a number of national and international companies, such as Ovako, Skanska, Industrivärden, Kapp-Ahl and Norske Skog. Finn was Chairman of the Board of Volvo AB between 2004 and 2010. 


Chairman of the Board tasked with achieving growth

He is an experienced businessman
 with a good reputation. For many he is best known as Chairman of the Board of AB Volvo. A well-travelled person who has lived in five different countries. Known for speaking his mind. Who loves reading and has a collection of more than 5,000 books at home at his farm in Bohuslän.Who believes that focused, long-term work is worthwhile. Who also believes in SMP. So much so that he has chosen to invest both his own money and his time in the company. Meet Finn Johnsson, new Chairman of the Board of SMP Parts.

Finn Johnsson was born in 1946 in Solna, near Stockholm. His mother had immigrated to Sweden from Nazi Germany as a 20-year-old. Without a penny to her name and with no knowledge of the Swedish language, she worked hard and eventually ran two clothes shops in Stockholm. Finn's father was a senior lecturer in philosophy and the history of literature, and travelled a great deal in his work. During these periods, Finn lived with his aunt in Gothenburg. He almost always spent his summers in Bohuslän. As a young man, he graduated in business administration and economics from the Stockholm School of Economics, before launching his career shortly thereafter. His CV is both impressive and extensive. Finn has been the CEO of Euroc and Mölnlycke Health Care, Chairman of the Board of AB Volvo, Kapp-Ahl, Wilson and Bravida, and a Board member of Skanska, Industrivärden, Svenska Motor and Kalmar Industries. And these are just a few of the many positions he has held.

There is no doubt that the man tasked with leading SMP's Board of Directors is both skilled and experienced. When asked why he accepted the position, his answer is instant.
"I consider that SMP is a well-managed company that manufactures good products and is operating in an interesting market. There is a strong foundation to build on and considerable potential for the future.

It is important to have a long-term horizon when you work in this industry," explains Finn.  "The market moves slowly and the sales organisation has to adapt to this. Technical developments are progressing quickly, on the other hand, with a great deal going on within both hydraulics and control systems. Some of our competitors are larger than us and to some extent are offering the same products. In order to stand out from the competition and win new market share, we have to intensify our product development, market our products more clearly and expand our service network."

At present, SMP sells its products primarily in Sweden and Norway, and to some extent in Germany. SMP's new owners have clearly stated that they want to increase the company's international sales. 
"I believe that we have considerable potential for growth," says Finn. "Both by improving our position in existing markets and by entering new markets in Europe. We are reviewing all of this at the moment."

Streamlining the production process is also an important step in becoming even more successful. Just about all companies have aspects that can be sharpened up and performed in a smarter, more cost-effective manner. This does not mean that things have been done poorly before, just that they can be done a little better.

Finn's most important task as Chairman of the Board is to lead the Board's work and to push through the agenda that the company management has to work with. He himself says that the most important thing he can provide is the knowledge and experience he has amassed over the years.

Speaking of which, what drives you to continue working at the age of 68?
"It is so typically Swedish to ask about age. In other countries it doesn't matter at all how old you are – the most important things are the experience and skills you possess," says Finn. "The simple answer to your question is probably that I love working and have a high level of energy. If, like me, you get up at half past three every morning, all year round, you have time to get a lot done," he concludes.


Name: Finn Johnsson
Born: 1946
Family: Married to Louise and father of five children
Lives: On a farm in Bohuslän
Education: Graduate in business administration and economics from the Stockholm School of Economics 
Interests apart from his family: Sailing, hunting, travel, literature and history

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Product Catalogue 2014

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SMP Parts AB is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality equipment and tools for excavators and backhoe loaders. SMP has developed Swingotilt® and recently launched the HardLock® safety solution. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, SMP have the knowledge and expertise to offer and deliver total solutions and complete tool packages. SMP has the market’s widest assortment of excavating accessories, quick couplers, buckets and similar tools. SMP Parts AB has authorized dealers with service and support across Europe and North-America.

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