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November 2016

Hello <<First Name>>,

I hope you had a delightful Thanksgiving and are enjoying the holiday season!
This has been a great year for me. I had the privilege of painting champion Jason Day, who has been one of my favorite golfers for a decade. I am always happy with the winner of THE PLAYERS Golf tournament, but Jason's win was special to me. I love his story.
It was also wonderful to get more involved wıth dog portraiture. As I deepen my understanding of dogs’ structure and expression, I feel even greater awe and gratitude for our canine brothers and sisters.

At the 2016 National Dog Show

2016 National Dog Show
Left: 2016 National Dog Show poster and program cover. Center top: Announcers David Frei, Mary Carillo and John O'Hurley with Chris. Top right: Chris with therapy dogs. Bottom: Chris with daughter Inga at Chris's poster-signing booth.
Dog lovers so often possess an acute sensitivity to all living creatures. Spending time with dog owners at the 2016 National Dog Show on November 18-20 in Philadelphia, my awe of the dogs extended on out to their people. The great beauty and mystery of dogs comes to life in well told narratives of love. Our dogs light us up. My husband John, daughter Inga and I love connecting with friends and their beloved canines. This year's show was fabulous. We love the spirit of the event. 

Stationed next to the extraordinary therapy dogs, I had unbeatable placement for poster signing. Therapy dogs are beautiful in their peaceable intention. These dogs are healers.

I loved painting 2015 Best in Show Skye Terrier Charlie with his handler Larry Cornelius for the National Dog Show poster and program cover.  I revel in the mystery of the fathomless depth of our dogs. In flicks of paint and line, one humbly captures mere indications of the evolution that took millions of years to culminate in the refinement, majesty and allure of each individual dog. This work was especially subtle. Dog portraiture is compelling. Painting Charlie, I wanted to capture some essence of the dog beneath that gorgeous coat of hair. Charlie is a Skye Terrier of such effortless grace that many predicted he would be the show's top dog in advance of the final judging.
For reference, I used the magnificent photo of Charlie and Larry taken by Rhonda Cassidy, photographer par excellence (at mydoglovesrcphotos).
The wise observations of the stellar National Dog Show television announcers, David Frei, Mary Carillo and John O’Hurley, stay with me. I love their reminder that the very best dog, as one sits and watches the show unfold on Thanksgiving afternoon, is the the family dog cuddling at your side. 
I was delighted that my posters were free of cost as a gesture of thanksgiving from the National Dog Show to all the people who love the event. My art was also utilized on the line of National Dog Show merchandise. Everything always looks beautiful! It is a great pleasure to work with Kathy Carson of Carson Industries as I plan and execute my art. Then, to be in Philadelphia with all of the National Dog Show people is the penultimate highlight of November, just before the sublime broadcast on Thanksgiving Day. Viva the National Dog Show!

Latest Dog Paintings

Latest Dog Paintings
Left: The Beautiful Havanese. Top right: English Setter Morey with Sisters. Bottom right: Lucy in Open Fields.

The Havanese (left) are breathtakingly beautiful. They run with grace. I love the stories of their deep love and loyalty. In 2015, we photographed many dear Havanese dogs at the National Dog Show. With such heart-stopping, best-of-breed reference, I had to do a piece of art!

Due to requests, I am offering a giclee print of this art, 16x20 inches, $200 plus $25 shipping. The giclees are beautiful! If you would like to order a print, please email me at ChrisDuke@ChrisDukeArt.com.

The painting English Setter Morey with Sisters (top right) was a challenge! I learned a lot in the process and am very happy with it.

I drew many champion canines this year, but it is always a pleasure to draw a family pet like my dear little Lucy (bottom right), with her peccadilloes in full glory. While Lucy does not reflect the breed standard, with her long legs and crossed eyes, she has our favorite Boston Terrier structure. She is an esteemed individual around New Hartford. The UPS and FedEx folk know her by name and the auto mechanics invite her into their shops. We prefer dining al fresco at establishments where Lucy is welcome and the wait staff greets her. She is such a great dog and friend.

Jason Day, 2016 PLAYERS Champion Portrait

Jason Day, 2016 PLAYERS Champion
From left: Finished portrait of Jason Day, sketch of Jason Day portrait, head of Jason Day for banner at Sawgrass Clubhouse. 
Because I illustrate THE PLAYERS Championship winner each year, I was on the edge of my seat once again as I watched the Sunday afternoon tournament in May 2016. I love so many of the golfers.
Jason Day is a long-time favorite of mine because of his amazing life story, an epic adventure beginning in Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia. I love the international aspect of golf, and love to root for players who hail from across the planet in this finely mannered game.

Again, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. All my best wishes go out to you and your family.
If you would like to commission a portrait, I promise to fall in love with your dog! I always do. Our dogs are magnificent. Please email me at ChrisDuke@ChrisDukeArt.com to discuss ideas, and please give your dog a big hug from me!
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