How Do You Do is an afternoon for makers and heritage professionals interested in the creative reuse of open collections. 

How Do You Do

How Do You Do is an afternoon for heritage professionals and makers that are interested in the possibilities of creative reuse of heritage, and the opening up of online collections.

The How Do You Do offers a special format for exchanging knowledge and skills. The speakers do not give stylised PowerPoint presentations, but tell honest stories about the making of; they pay ample attention to what does and does not work in their experience. In 40-minute sessions, artists, designers and other experts in the field of open collections, creative commons and artistic reuse share practical experiences and expertise.


15:30 – 18:00 How Do You Do: Open Archive
18:00 – 19:30 Gelegenheid bezoek Open Archive in Gallery 3 
19:30 – 21:30 Thursday Night Live! Open Archive

During How Do You Do: Open Archive, experts from different disciplines share their knowledge and experiences. Confirmed table hosts include:

  • Aymeric Mansoux is an artist, musician and media researcher with a background in economics, visual arts, graphic design and computer programming.
  • Clara Stille is an archivist and curator at Het Nieuwe Instituut. During the Open Archive project she focuses on collaboration with makers from the perspective of a collecting institution such as Het Nieuwe Instituut.
  • Donna Verheijden is a graphic designer and film maker and one of the makers for the Open Archive project.  She speaks from her experience in working with a heritage collection and from a maker's perspective.
  • Elise ’t Hart will speak from her experience as an Artist in Residence at the Meertens Instituut.
  • Elki Boerdam is involved with the Open Archive project as a mentor. She speaks from her practice as an image researcher and her experience as a participant in Open Media Art, the predecessor of Open Archive.
  • Guy Königstein is often placed at the intersection of art and design and manifests himself in various visual media. He is one of the makers of the Open Archive project.
  • Eric Schrijver published Copy This Book, an artist's guide to copyright in 2018, an artist's guide to copyright, written for makers. This book is both practical and critical and guides readers through the world of copyright and how it applies in practice.
  • As an expert on Public Participation and Innovative Access at Sound and Vision, Maarten Brinkerink coordinates the institute's contribution to (inter)national research projects.
  • Maarten Zeinstra is the founding president of Open Nederland and Chapter lead of Creative Commons Netherlands. He works actively to make Open Netherlands a platform and meeting place for creators and re-users to make optimal use of the shared potential that Creative Commons unlocks.

Thursday Night Live! Open Archive

Following the How Do You Do, the official opening of the Open Archive presentation will take place in Het Nieuwe Instituut. During Thursday Night Live! Open Archive, Vincent van Velsen shares his views on creative reuse drawing from his expierences as a writer and curator. Makers Oana Clitan, Guy Königstein and Donna Verheijden will be interviewed by Michelle Kasprzak about their research, creative processes and reuse of archive material. In Het Nieuwe Café Sjoerd Oberman from label Nous'klaer Audio will play. Register here.

Open Archive

With Open Archive, Het Nieuwe Instituut and Sound and Vision share the possibilities of digital heritage collections with a new generation of creators. The project revolves around experiments with the online availability and artistic reuse of digital heritage. This creates space for a wide range of creative, technical and copyright interpretations.

The re-use of digital collections in museums and archives generates new narratives with potentially surprising and innovative forms. For Open Archive, Het Nieuwe Instituut and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision have invited three makers to create new works based on their digital collections. Artist Guy Königstein, filmmaker Donna Verheijden and artist/designer Oana Clitan have each developed a media work that will be exhibited at Het Nieuwe Instituut.


Open Archive is made possible in part by a contribution from the Mondriaan Fund.