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SCA Newsletter - April 2014
Welcome to the Shoreditch Community Association’s Newsletter, which is published on a pleasantly erratic basis!  In this issue:
  • Join Us - The SCA's membership drive
  • Licensing - Have your say
  • Planning - Big projects looming...
  • SCA Meetings
Join Us!
The SCA is growing. With the influx of residents and businesses into Shoreditch, the neighborhood is as vibrant as ever. Growth is so strong that in this May's elections Shoreditch gets its own councillors as a ward (rather than as part of Haggerston). But massive change looms – both good and bad – and it’s vital that all constituents have their say.

And the SCA is growing too!  Keep an eye out for our poster at Shoreditch’s finest businesses, and point it out to friends, family and colleagues. Membership is open to individuals and businesses who wish to contribute to the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the SCA.  Please join today!  No fees or dues; just your heart and soul! Join today by clicking here.  Or just follow us in all the usual ways. 

Be part of the dialogue and share your perspective, experience and knowledge, working together to protect Shoreditch.

The SCA aims to support businesses positively contributing to the long-term growth of Shoreditch. However the SCA membership has expressed a strong opinion that the current tilt towards growth of the night-time economy is negatively impacting residents’ and daytime businesses’.  Read more about  our position here

The SCA’s Licencing Committee reviews all relevant licence applications and amendments, and recommends support or opposition. Recently we worked to support multiple applications, which have been granted.  But we oppose irresponsible licences, such as a recent application for 4am booze on Kingsland Road which was rejected after the SCA appeared at the hearing.

We publish a weekly list of applications. For or against, have your say! Contact the SCA and Hackney Council (

Big changes are coming to Shoreditch, and it’s vital that all constituencies have their say. Looming largest (literally) is the Bishopsgate Goodsyard, which if approved in its current incarnation will see the erection of six towers from dizzying heights of 25 stories and more on Bethnal Green Road and South of Shoreditch High Street station. Whilst we're excited about the development of a long-derelict site, it's important to ensure that this development has integrity in its own right and in the context of its neighborhoods.  The community is mobilising to positively impact this development, but to be most effective planners need to hear from everyone.  Contact the SCA at for more information on how you can get involved.  

SCA Meetings
The SCA Executive Committee meets at least once a month.  If there is anything you’d like to discuss please get in touch.  General meetings are held at least twice a year, with the next meeting to be scheduled soon.  Please join us!

For regular updates, follow us on twitter (@shoreditchcomm) or on the web, but most importantly...join us! Contact us at

About the SCA

The SCA exists to promote the interests of all persons who live and work in the Shoreditch community.  We seek to promote the long term growth of Shoreditch in a responsible and sustainable manner, working to maintain Shoreditch’s unique culture.  We are local individuals, families and businesses.

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