May 2014 - Welcome to the SCA's Newsletter, which is published on a pleasantly erratic basis.  In this issue...SCA & Businesses; Planning; Newbies; Licensing; Gleaming Streets; and Our Campaign. 
SCA and Businesses – The SCA has launched a strong dialogue between residents and businesses, involving anyone local who loves Shoredtich!  With lots of new supporters, add your businesses name to the list today here!

Good things are coming from this conversation.  Hackney Pubwatch have confirmed funding for late night wardens.  Two teams will be out on busy nights until 3am, issuing on-the-spot penalties for peeing.  Also coming are night loos at key sites.  Not the end of the problem, but it’s a start!  Special thanks to the Police for their assistance with this dialogue.
Licencing – The No. 1 issue for residents remains night-time noise and disorder.  Our Licencing Committee thus continues to oppose irresponsible late licences - recently defeating a 4am application – but works with those contributing to the growth of Shoreditch.  We urge residents and businesses contact us to discuss any concerns.  And come to hearings.  Your can't be heard if you don't speak!
Planning – The SCA is opposing Box Park 3 at the old Texaco/Co-op on SD High St., believing the addition of an outdoor drinking/eating venue for nearly 350, operating up to 23 hours a day, is entirely inappropriate for residential Shoreditch.  Have your say!

The Goods Yard application will launch in June.  Spanning from SD High St to Brick Lane, this develops a long-derelict site but brings 180m high towers.  Also British Land are launching consultation in June for Blossom Street, on the edge of Spitalfields .  Please contact us if you are interested in attending.
Services & Democracy – Have you noticed the amazing work of Hackney Waste Management street cleaning, jet washing the filth to reveal some lovely pavements?  The programme continues; let us know if they've missed you.

It's election time, and Shoreditch is now a ward. Find candidates here, and express disappointment that the recent hustings was hardly advertised. 

Finally - trees!  Hackney wants to plant them.  If you're a property owner, and not on a red route, email us
Newbies – In a new feature, we welcome some great new businesses to Shoreditch.  First up is Bird Restaurant on Kingsland Road, “the best free range fried chicken you’ve ever tasted” (their words!).  We’ve tasted it, and it’s darn good. 

We also welcome the Howard Griffin Gallery on SD High Street, working with artists from the contemporary disciplines of street art and graffiti and more tangential public art backgrounds.

And coming soon to SD High Street: Elemental, unusual unusual and unique furniture, lighting and interiors.  Opening soon?  Let us know!
Follow Us – A reminder of our campaign for you to be on our radar. 

Follow us or Beardy Guy will come get you! 

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About the Shoreditch Community Association - The SCA exists to promote the interests of all persons who live and work in the Shoreditch community.  We seek to promote the long term growth of Shoreditch in a responsible and sustainable manner, working to maintain Shoreditch’s unique culture.  We are local individuals, families and businesses.
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