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The cost will be $25 per person (not including tax or gratuity).


“Southern Rhone Valley ”
Thursday, December 17  @6pm

When one looks at a wine map of France, the region of Burgundy comes to an end right after its southern most appellation of Beaujolais  Geologically, however, the limestone vein really starts to peter out starting in Macon.  While there still are some pockets to be found here & there in Beaujolais, the dominate soil is granite.  Yes, rolling hills of all kinds of interesting granitic soils.  The vein of granite also meanders in the more dramatic hillsides of the northern Rhone further south.  Once, however, you past the town of Valence, the topography & climate seems to greatly change.  This is the beginning of the southern Rhone Valley, which seems to also feature more gently rolling hills & a myriad of different soil types.  Furthermore where the Syrah grape variety dominates in the north, Grenache is the centerpiece in the south. On this night, we will be tasting Grenache based red wines from 4 of the villages……side by side  Here is your chance to taste first hand & explore a part of the wine world, many wine lovers have not yet really discovered or explored   

2012 Domaine Durban Gigondas

Typically 70% Grenache, 30% Syrah from a higher elevation parcel.  Yes, it has the sinister, brooding character we seek, but done with deliciousness, intrigue & Un-heaviness.  Bravo!

2012 Domaine Gramenon “Les Laurentides”

We were able to get a few bottles of this “hard to get” wine for this tasting.  Domaine Gramenon is a “game changer” with cult like status among true French wine lovers.  Their old Grenache vines are grown in the northeast region of the southern Rhone Valley.  Growing organic and biodynamic are not techniques to them, it is way of life and their wines showcase such purity and true character.

2012 Sang des Cailloux Vacqueyras

Year in & year out, this bottling is one of absolute favorite out of France.  Deep, brooding, masculine, savory & most importantly soulful...for me, one of kind!

2010 Chateau La Nerthe Chateauneuf-du-Pape

The vineyards are full of round, river stones, known as galets, which were pushed into place by the glaciers long ago.  Chateauneuf-du-Pape was remarkably the very appellation granted AOC by the government in 1936.  (even before Champagne, Burgundy or Bordeaux).

There you have it,  4 sensational wines. 
$34 a person (not including tax or gratuity).
By Reservations only….524-8466 or email Ann at

December 24 and December 25

We will be open on Christmas Eve and Day offering a special menu in addition to our regular menu.

Amuse bouche
First course

Wagyu Beef Carpaccio
chili pepper water, fried capers and balsamic reduction
Second course

Butter Poached Lobster
lemon and ricotta cheese ravioli, fennel and scallion pesto
Garlic And Herb Crusted Prime Rib Of Beef -$48
porcini mushroom fettuccine,  pohole  fern,
charred Roma
tomatoes and natural jus
Prosciutto Wrapped Hawaiian Snapper - $46
Manila clams, Hau’ula tomato tortellini,
basil and hijiki clam jus

Chocolate And Lemon Olive Oil Cake
Lappert’s strawberry sorbet and raspberry coulis


Join Our Oliva Nera Friends from Venice, Italy

Wednesday, December 30 6:00 pm
Last January, we did a special night with Isabella Zambon and her two children—Jessica & Filippo Coro.   Well, they’re back!!!!!

They have become such dear friends over the years, we have watched Jessica and Filippo grow up and blossom and they all really warm my heart.   A few years ago, we discovered that their Osteria Oliva Nera eatery is generally regarded as the finest restaurant in Venice and Cheryle and I had two great meals there.

We were also amazed at how many Hawaii people have dined there too & every year when the Coro’s came to Honolulu thereafter, their Hawaii friends would get together with them in VINO on a special night.  So many people have asked us, especially recently, when are you doing the Isabella dinner?  Well, Wednesday, December 30 is that special night.  Rather than asking Isabella to cook, VINO Chef Keith Endo has come up with a special menu & we will come up with the wine pairings, featuring wines from their area.  For all who know Isabella, Jessica & Filippo, here is your chance to say hello.  For those who do not know them, here is your chance to savor some of Chef Keith’s foods AND meet some very special people, (which may come in handy if you plan to go to Venice in the near future).
aperitif—3oz Sommariva Prosecco

Antipasti (served family style)
Crispy  Cauliflower-cumin aioli, zatar brown butter
Grilled Hau’ula Baby Bok Choy-Marcona almonds, cranberries & shaved pastrami
Sliced Marinated Porkwith charred asparagus
 WINE: 3oz Corte Gardoni Bardolino “Chiaretto”
Garlic Shrimp
garlic, fennel, sun dried tomatoes, white wine & clam jus
 WINE: 3oz Corte Gardoni Bianco di Custoza
Roasted Beef Braciole
stuffed with prosciutto, raisins, herbs and Parmesan cheese and served with
oxtail ravioli, Swiss Chard and pine nuts

 WINE:  3oz 2009 Quintarelli Primofiore
Roasted Banana & Chocolate Tiramisu
mango sorbet
$56 a person (not including tax & gratuity)  
wine pairing—additional $26 per person
By Reservations only….524-8466 or email Ann at


“Champagne Tasting” on New Year's Eve

Thursday, December 31 @8:30pm

We end the old year and look to kick start the New Year with a special tasting of Champagne.   On one level, we will be tasting one Champagne, dominated by Pinot Meunier, one Champagne, dominated by Pinot Noir and two Champagnes produced exclusively from Chardonnay.  Furthermore, each of these wines are grown in a different village, which will provide yet another interesting comparison.  Finally, we will feature four “grower” Champagnes, which means they own and farm their vineyards, make and bottle their own wine.  While this does not necessarily translate into higher quality, in these cases, it also says something about artisan and handcrafted.   Chin chin.

J. Lasalle “Brut Preference”
From the village of Chigny-les- Roses in the Montagne de Reims—60% Pinot Meunier & 20% each of Pinot Noir & Chardonnay.
Pierre Paillard Brut  “Grand Cru”
From the village of Bouzy—60% Pinot Noir & 40% Chardonnay, all Grand Cru
Veuve Fourny Blanc de Blancs “Premier Cru”
From the Premier Cru  village of Vertus, 100% Chardonnay
A Margaine Blanc de Blancs “Special Club” 2008
From the Premier Cru village of Villers-Marmery, here
is their flagship 100% Chardonnay bottling
Opportunities like this don’t happen too often!
There you have it,  4 sensational bubblies. 
$39 a person (not including tax or gratuity).
By Reservations only….524-8466 or email Ann at



New Year’s Eve Special Menu
 December 31

 amuse bouche
Smoked Salmon Tartare
lemon crème fraiche and  ikura
First course
Cured Kampachi Crudo
truffled ponzu , osetra caviar and  Hau’ula tomatoes
Second course
        White Wine Poached Oysters      
fennel, konbu and smoked trout caviar
compressed honeydew melon, lemon sorbet and Iberico jamon
Sous Vide Hudson Valley Duck Breast
duck confit tortellini, foie gras demi glace and cranberries
Chocolate Strawberry “Shortcake”
Chocolate short cake, Kula strawberry mousse,
mac nut crumbles &  chocolate ganache

$56/add $15.95 for wine pairing
(not including tax and tip)



Looking for the perfect gift for a wine drinker, a fun team building activity?  Master Sommelier Chuck Furuya will conduct a no nonsense, very educational wine tasting to enlighten the wine enthusiast to the world of wines.  The first will be on Sunday, January 10th! 

WINE 101
Sunday, January 10th

Many of our guests at VINO continually ask if we will ever do wine classes.  So, one of our goals for 2016 is do more wine education.  Therefore, starting Sunday, January 10th, we will look to offer classes (offered only on Sundays), to help those interested, especially on the beginner’s level, how to better understand the world of wine more.  Since the scope is wide, we will look to information in small and un-geek-ish doses.
I know for many of you that may not be clear enough to help you decide what that means and whether or not you would be interested in attending such tastings.  So, here are some my thoughts which hopefully will perk your interest and help you decide to come.

 1.  What is “good” winean insider’s perspective

At the same time, I hope to share with you some of the core qualities and character we look for in a wine, especially quality for the dollar, when deciding what to buy for restaurants.  The best way to do this is side by side tastings.  I know that wine is subjective and each person will decide what they like and do not like.  That’s a great thing.  Whether you agree or not is up to you, but at least hopefully the insights provided will help you to ask better questions in your search for what you like. 

2.  A look at different grape varieties

I once read somewhere that there are thousands of different grape varieties.  To better understand what this can mean—think of the category of mangoes.  They include Haden, Piri, Chinese, Common, just to name a few.  Eventhough they are all mangoes, they taste very different and have different textures.  The same is true with grape varieties.   It is true that well less than a thousand are suited to produce interesting wine, the point is there is much more out there besides Chardonnay, Cabernet, Pinot Noir and Merlot.   AND, the question is, why limit yourself?  We will look to include different standout grape varieties, indigenous to interesting wine growing regions. 

3.  Different kinds of foods ask for different kinds of wines 

This is an area, a few simple examples tasted, will go a long way in helping tasters know what to look for when planning their dinner party, especially if explained in more simple language.

 4.  In search of great wine values 

We will look to provide tasters with some clues on how to smartly search out interesting and good value oriented wines, instead of choosing one based upon the pretty label and packaging.  That's just the beginning!  From there, we can then go to other frequently asked topics.  Just so it is clear, I am looking to have fun, not do some university like lecture. 

Our first class will be held on Sunday, January 10th at VINO, starting at 4:30pm.

We will begin the tasting with our thoughts on the world of wines, just to set the table for participants.  We will then taste eight wines, 1 1/2ounces each, to help you better understand the discussion topics  through the wines tasted.   The cost will be $25 per person (not including tax or gratuity).

In addition, tasting participants will receive a 25% discount on our regular VINO menu items from 5:30 to 6:30pm, right after the tasting, to make sure you get something in your stomach before leaving.

 This tasting will be by reservation only.  Please call….524-8466 or email Ann at

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