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An emotionally weighty (but very important) subject...

I very nearly shared something during last week’s service, during our “share your story Sunday”, but in the end I chose not to. I had, however, been hugely impacted during the previous week (and I have been again this week as well) by some thoughts and resources expressing what I am convinced is a Biblical Christian response to the ongoing debate around the issue of abortion. This debate, of course, has been brought back into the limelight recently by the historic move of the US Supreme Court, overturning the Roe vs Wade 1973 ruling.

What moved me the week before last was a lengthy email published by the well-known Christian evangelist J.John. In his email, J.John had sought to respond more fully than he did in his previous and much criticised reaction, which had been a more instinctive, knee-jerk response to the ruling. What impressed me was J.John’s clarity and conviction, as well as his firm but gracious response to the abusive feedback he’d received about his own personal views. As someone who shares J.John’s views and who values God’s Word as he does, I was impressed by his dedication to researched information, giving facts and figures alongside possible avenues for people to pursue further reading/reflection.

All that is to say: if you would like to read the email that really touched my heart and mind during the week before last, then you can do so by clicking here:

Speaking publicly (eg from “the pulpit” during a live-streamed church service) about the issue of abortion is never easy – because there is no way of even guessing who it might be that is listening, what their experiences might have been, or what their own journey has involved. However, I do believe that the Bible is clear on the matter: every human life is created by God, and every baby is knit together by God in its mother’s womb from the moment of conception. (See psalm 139 for example). The following 5-minute video expresses what I believe is a Biblical response to the Wade vs Roe ruling. It has perhaps too many male voices, and not enough female voices, contributing to its narrative - but I still believe the narrative is sound, and worth reflecting on:

If this subject is one that you would like to discuss further, or that you would appreciate reflecting on with me, then please do just ask. I won’t judge, condemn or shame you…whatever your thoughts, and whatever your own experience. We could even include a tea or coffee in our conversation if you like!


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