Thank goodness it's Wednesday
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As promised, I've been working on something that we are all going to need to make it through the upcoming Holiday season!

It’s like the perfect storm trifecta of energetic clearings on Love (relationships, finding/losing/receiving, soul mates), Pain (chronic, pre/post op, recovery) and the Holidays.

Here's a preview of some of the early feedback:

After listening to the new Love MP3 Audio -
K.D. wrote: "I think you covered EVERYTHING that we all go through in trying to find love, losing love, and self-worth surrounding these times.  Your voice is beyond soothing, comforting and empowering."

After listening to the new Pain MP3 Audio -
K.R. wrote:..."I noticed pains in my joints and it hurt for a few minutes but then went away and felt better.   I noticed tingling in my legs and head like pain all over was going out of my cool!  I felt lighter ..Thank you!"
After listening to the new Holidays MP3 Audio -
P.T. wrote:  "Who can’t relate to the stress of the holidays!?  Jimmy, these are the best yet.  I can feel the shifts before, during and after!  Simply amazing!"

Stay tuned.... these latest ones should become available the first week in October!
"These eggs are astonishing!"
"It's a caffeine miracle!"
"NOW, I understand hash browns!"

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