Newsletter #7 | December 7th, 2021

Neither Climate Change, COVID or Poverty Should Worry us, but a Population Collapse

The impending lockdown in Germany and the lockdown already in force in Austria show us several things at once: first, nature is not necessarily our friend, but tries incessantly to kill us. And second, we actually have the technology to protect ourselves from COVID: Vaccines. The fact that the next lockdown will occur is not due to a lack of technology, i.e. a non-existent vaccine, but to the partly irrational behavior of people.

Population growth in billions between 1950 and 2100 © IHME

The pandemic shows us that the problem is not technology or "too much" of it, but how people deal with it. Human behavior, hesitant politics, superstition, and a host of self-interests are preventing us from solving urgent problems. If we look at it more closely, the technologies and methods for preventing climate change, hunger, poverty and overcoming the energy crisis already exist today. We actually know what needs to be done, how, with what, and by when. But the will is lacking.

But a much bigger problem is already on the horizon: the threat of population collapse. It is not overpopulation that will become a problem for mankind, but that we will soon have a population collapse on the planet. This may come as a surprise now, since everyone is warning about overpopulation. Yet population growth is not a problem. Much more of a problem is that people no longer want to make babies. Reproduction rates have been falling for years in more and more countries.

And why exactly that is a problem we should all be concerned about is discussed in more detail here.

Books for the Gift Table

Christmas is just around the corner and if you're still looking for a suitable gift, here are a few suggestions. How about a book from my pen? Whether it's about Silicon Valley, the future, artificial intelligence, the tiresome topic of innovation, the automotive industry or how not to apologize, there's plenty for connoisseurs among them.

Marios Bücher
Books for the gift table

All books are available on Amazon, from the Plassen and Beck publishing houses, or from your favorite bookseller. They are even available as ebooks here, for example.

Techno | Phil | oSophical

Empathy Stops At The Empathy-less
Tesla Is Increasingly Outpacing
Other Manufacturers
Electrified Aviation
A Report from the Cockpit
Neither Climate Change, COVID
or Poverty Should Worry us,
but a Population Collapse

Art | Culture | Comics

I have been an avid reader of comics since childhood. What started back then in Vienna in so-called comic exchange stores, where I could swap 10 old comics for 10 other old comics (and pay 10 Austrian Schillings, about 80 Cents, continued into adulthood. And there I went straight to the source, namely to France and Belgium, the comic countries par excellence. Meanwhile, my collection is approaching the magic limit of one thousand albums.
Are there differences in love?
Tots philosophize about
profound things
Despite Everything
The Story of a Love
Yet it is precisely that in many other cultures this art form is not accorded the respect it should have. If we consider how many of us first became interested in antiquity thanks to Asterix (of which the 39th volume - Asterix and the Griffin - has just been published) and also the one or other Latin phrase, then we realize the power of this medium.

I consider comics like these to be the opera among the arts: a story told in paintings. Therefore, every now and then I would like to present a few of the current Franco-Belgian comics and awaken the desire for them.

Online Workshops

Here are my online workshops for self-learning.
Future Mindset
Growth Mindset
How to forecast and design for the future, making better decisions in today.
How leaders can help themselves and their employees move from a rigid to a growth mindset.

Of Saint Nicholas and Broomsticks

At 20 degrees under palm trees, the wintry mood may not necessarily arise here in the San Francisco Bay Area, but that doesn't stop people here from already putting up their Christmas trees. Every European feels the same way the first few years: you buy a Christmas tree only a few days before Christmas and put it up on 12/24. Good luck with that! Because then there are only broomsticks left to choose from at the few remaining Christmas tree dealers.

In return, you don't have to worry about St. Nicholas and Krampus, they simply don't exist here. Unless you grow up in immigrant families from German-speaking countries, because they make sure that the two come very well. On the other hand, customs like the Advent calendar have already spread here, the German schools also organize a Christmas market here - only for one weekend, but still - and mulled wine is an absolute hit here. At the moment, however, we are working on introducing the Advent wreath. Our Salami Tactics on Christmas Customs....

A warm Servus from California


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