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Enterprise Garage Newsletter | May 19th, 2020

Of Vaccination Opponents And Men Of Honour

VaccinationsIt didn't even take a two-month for a pandemic, and the wildest conspiracy theories are flourishing. Yet we are currently experiencing what it means not to have vaccinations and active remedies against a disease.

Conspiracy theories are not a phenomenon of modern times. In the course of my research for my next book project Future Angst, I did some research in old journals and analyzed how people reacted to innovation in the past, Past Angst, so to speak. I learned about the existence of Europe-wide anti-vaccination congresses and anti-vaccination associations well over a hundred years ago. I do not want to withhold these treasures from the cabinet of absurdities of the past from you. Click here for the article.

Zoom-recording: Our Future After the Pandemic

I gave this presentation at the "Idea-to-IPO" Meetup Group on May 5th, 2020 and presented possible scenarios for technologies and industries that will benefit from the crisis to the audience. Here is the Zoom recording.

After the Pandemic: The Future of Silicon Valley and High Tech

Men With Cowboy Hats Make Music

Bella CiaoAnd again a video of me on my hammered dulcimer, which I have been playing for more than 30 years. This time Bella Ciao with cowboy hat.

From Italy I would like to point out two DJs, Gioloi & Assia, who hold their sessions in the most unusual places. Here is a video on Etna!

Family Picture Of All My Books

Staying at home gives us time to reflect on our lives. I, for instance, sat in front of my bookshelves and picked one volume after the other to hold it in my hand and weigh it up in my mind. So my own books fell into my arms and I finally took a family photo! In chronological order (from left to right) I have written a whole series of books since 2004. Well, here they are...

Meine Bücher

My most recent ones were The Last Driver's License Holder Has Already Been Born and When Monkeys Teach Monkeys (in German).

Articles & News

Here is a collection of interesting articles and blogs:

What Would Be Better Instead Of Germany's Scrapping Subsidy
Delivery Robots Microdroplets
The Rise of Delivery Robots Corona: We lack AR sensors
for pollutants in the air and on surfaces
Art of Life
The Art Of Life Itself
Genji Cake
Japan’s Playboy Prince
Celebrates A Thousand Years
Eating Birthday Cakes With Spit
Google Firefly
How To Move To Silicon Valley

Foresight Mindset Workshops

„You never know what's been done,
you only see what remains to be done."
- Marie Curie

If you want to provoke insights about the future, then you may want to consider a Foresight Mindset workshop with me. Such a team-workshop includes the following topics, including many tasks in small groups:

  1. Five phases of the Foresight Mindset CycleWorkshop
  2. What is Foresight?
    • Forecast versus Prediction
    • What are Signals and Trends?
    • What are Cassandras?
  3. Introduction to the methods
    • Future Benchmarking
    • Futures Wheel
    • Scenario Planing
    • Backcasting
    • Messages from the Future
    • Storytelling
    • Trend Recognition
    • ...
  4. Foresight Mindset as strategic discipline
  5. Where does Foresight fail and how can we avoid that?
  6. Ethical questions about Foresight Mindset
The aim of the workshop is not only to have understood the foresight methods, but also to have scenarios and a feeling of a better overview of the future and the necessary steps and procedures. If you are interested in further workshops with 10-30 participants, then let's talk about it. Just send me an email.

Silicon Valley Visits

Even if we all have to stay at home at the moment, the time of travellng, shared experiences and suburban inspiration will come again. In the meantime, here are a few tips on how to prepare for this today.

Keynotes & Workshops

My Talks & WorkshopsHere is a complete overview (with videos from past talks) of my engagements this year. They are all around the disruptions in the automotive industry, the Silicon-Valley-Mindset, Foresight Mindset and how to discover trends early, and now also about Artificial Intelligence and its application, which is also the topic of my most recent book.

If you have time and are interested meeting for coffee and discussing those topics, feel free to send me an email.

Servus, stay healthy, and stay safe when the reopening starts!


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The last driver license holder | Der letzte Führerscheinneuling 
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