Newsletter #1 | May 6th, 2021

The Art of  the  Non-Apology

Even Theodore Roosevelt said, "You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs." He didn't say that exactly, but roughly in that sense. For it is not the critic in the spectator's seat who counts, making comments, but solely the person in the arena, sweaty and bloodied, who faces the challenge and tries to overcome it. In the process, mistakes happen from which you learn and for which you may have to apologize. Even if these apologies are not always insightful from those from whom an apology is expected.

That's exactly what this excerpt from my book coming out in the fall is about

The  Art of the Non-Apology
40 Tricks for ministers, managers and other morons,
who screwed up and now don't understand the fuss.

Playing chess with Einstein
Playing chess with Einstein: One move and he has me already cornered.

Live Online Workshop

You won't learn how to play chess with Einstein in this workshop, but you will learn how to recognize a growth mentality and a rigid mentality in employees, yourself and your manager. The workshop with the title

Growth Mindset for Managers and Employees

will take place online on May 25th, 2021 from 8am to 4pm PDT.
Click here to register.

Other Online Workshops

If you don't have time for a live online workshop, don't despair. There are some workshops online for self-learning.
Future Mindset
Growth Mindset
How to forecast and design for the future, making better decisions in today.
How leaders can help themselves and their employees move from a rigid to a growth mindset.

Cover Sneak Preview: Future Angst

Future Angst
Here is a preview of my book coming out in the summer of 2021 titled:
Future Angst
How we went from innovation pioneers to innovation laggards
and how we overcome German Angst

In it, I address the past, present and future of technologies in the German-speaking world, as well as the fears and hopes then and now. And above all, how it came about that today we seem to have become so skeptical of technology and overcautious to the point of paralysis

Techno | Phil | oSophical

COVID: No, the EU is not ‘too nice’, it just doesn’t think in terms of ‘First Principles’.
The Chill-Effect of the
Inherited versus Merited
Will Tesla Abandon Giga Berlin?

New Newsletter-Design - Technophilosoph

You've probably already noticed: my newsletter has been redesigned and appears under a different title. I wanted to be a bit broader than just reporting from Silicon Valley and the mindset there. This has already been reflected in my books over the last five years, which have been about technologies, but also a lot about the behaviors, the rhetoric about technologies and innovation, and the history of technology and our societies. The two books presented here, to be published in the summer and fall of 2021, will show you the full range.

That's why I've started merging the Silicon Valley Mindset, Enterprise Garage, and Foresight Mindset websites, and also redesigning the newsletter. Don't worry: since I still live in Silicon Valley, there will still be reports from here, but I will tackle a wider range of topics.

The choice of the new title TECHNO | PHIL | oSOPH makes it clear that the focus will continue to be on technologies, looking at them from a positive, friendly side, but without forgetting criticism and with a dash of the love of wisdom. The motto is:

"Humans and their technologies in harmony."

This is to make it clear that technologies are created by people, giving us more opportunity to be human. I also want to use it as a counterpoint to the technology skepticism that dominates in our countries that are proud of their engineering. In this way, I want to show that the cultural space of poets and thinkers and engineers can be in harmony with man-made technology quite naturally.

Let me know how you like the new newsletter, what you think about it, and what you would like to see. Send me informally an email.

Servus from California


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