Newsletter #12 | August 31st, 2022

San Francisco Stumbles & Are Men Losers?

Remember the post about the decline of Silicon Valley from the last newsletter? Well, it turns out there are some regional differences. In a study, researchers at UC Berkeley analyzed cell phone connectivity in the downtowns of 62 North American cities and compared the pre-pandemic numbers to the current ones. The cities hit it differently, with San Francisco hitting rock bottom with 31% of pre-pandemic traffic in downtown. Why and exactly what that means is in this post.


Are Men Losers?

A German businesswoman asked why many of her female acquaintances, all of whom were smart, independent, successful, beautiful women, could not find a suitable man at their level. She had the answer right away. She said that the men were all intimidated by the smart, independent, successful, beautiful women or could not handle having a more successful woman at their side.

These women didn't want to have anything to do with these "loser men" anyway, but are there any non-loser men? And if there are, shouldn't there be a dating app for such superwomen and non-loser men? I couldn't let the opportunity for this obvious nonsense pass me by so easily, I was also too mischievous. The result is the post Are Men Losers? with a call for your stories and opinion.


If you want to getinto the mindset and culture of German speaker, this is the time. You may have heard about the controversy surrounding Winnetou, a fictitious Apache chief in a bunch of adventure novels from the late 19th century written by the German author Karl May. It's basically the idealized version of the noble wild native American, how a Prussian writer imagined them, with a slight tendency of racism and the glorification of the colonial era. A publishing house decided to withdraw some new books for a new film "The Young Chief Winnetou". And German TV channel ARD swiftly followed and announced that it would no longer be broadcasting any Winnetou films.

I myself loved Winnetou, but I support these choices. Why I should, and why we all should, even if it means burying a piece of our childhood, I explain in my little essay.


Reading Materials for Innovators

Vacations are over, school has started again, and the next innovation projects want to be tackled. And I offer a rich selection of reading material for this purpose. Whether it's about Silicon Valley, the future, artificial intelligence, the perennial topic of innovation, the automotive industry or how not to apologize, there's plenty for connoisseurs.

Marios Bücher
Books for the great mind

All books are available on Amazon, from the Plassen and Beck publishing houses, or from your favorite bookseller. They are even available as ebooks here, for example.

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Opposed the Golden Gate Bridge
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CYBERF*CKEDAs I've announced before, my next book is coming out in early November, which deals with the online harassment of women by toxic men. This became sadly topical with the death of a female doctor in Austria who had been driven to suicide by a barrage of online hate from vaccination deniers.

I have created a LinkedIn group to which I would like to invite you. Join and take a look at some examples of how women (and men) deal with online threats.

There are already first posts with measures how to take action against online hate and how to stand by women (and men). You are of course welcome to post your own experiences, ask questions and contribute. Click here to join the group.

Loser Greetings from California


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