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Enterprise Garage Newsletter | September 3rd, 2020

Mind-Reading High-Tech-Fashion

Anouk WiprechtWhat if one's own clothing could read unconscious thoughts and communicate one's mood to the person next to you?

Dutch future fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht has been working on this for years and has created a series of high-tech dresses that communicate these moods and thoughts with their environment.

Her latest creation, in collaboration with the JKU in Linz, reads brain waves via 1024 EEG sensors and visualizes them through light patterns and clothing movements.

In the past, she had already designed a spider-like dress whose claws are threateningly moving when a person approaches her aggressively. Another dress in turn signaled the wearer's arousal by becoming transparent and revealing delicate spots for the lucky partner.

Spider Dress Intimacy 2.0
Spider Dress Transparency Dress

The videos alone let the fantasy play.

Engineering Solutions For Social Problems

STUNderwearXyla Foxlin, a maker who is very active in social media and creates her own kayaks from bamboo and plexiglas or bamboo clothes, among other things, had complained to a friend that some of the dance partners in the salsa social dance classes could not keep their hands to themselves. Her friend thought about this and sent her the result:

STUNderwear Ladies' Defense Garment is how her friend, a maker himself, called the gift, which contained hot pants with built-in copper wires. When the copper wires are touched and connected, an electric shock is discharged and teaches the offender good manners in the presence of a lady.

The Last Driver's License Holder ...

The last driverWho are going to be the car makers of the future? And why is it all so difficult for the traditional makers to move into the new automotive world? Well, I have written exactly about that already some time ago and now it's happening. I want to suggest my book, which hit the book stores this past October:
The Last Driver's License Holder
Has Already Been Born

The book deals with many aspects of the technological and demographic changes and what it means for car companies, our societies, cities, regions, and jobs. The book's available on Amazon or at any book store.

Articles & News

Here is a collection of interesting articles and blogs:

Foresight Mindset Workshops

“As a space of possibilities, the future is the space of our freedom.”
― Karl Jaspers

In my Foresight-Mindset-Workshops I teach how to forecast the future and realize your own dream. Such a team-workshop includes the following topics, including many tasks in small groups:

  1. Five phases of the Foresight Mindset CycleWorkshop
  2. What is Foresight?
    • Forecast versus Prediction
    • What are Signals and Trends?
    • What are Cassandras?
  3. Introduction to the methods
    • Future Benchmarking
    • Futures Wheel
    • Scenario Planing
    • Backcasting
    • Messages from the Future
    • Storytelling
    • Trend Recognition
    • ...
  4. Foresight Mindset as strategic discipline
  5. Where does Foresight fail and how can we avoid that?
  6. Ethical questions about Foresight Mindset
The aim of the workshop is not only to have understood the foresight methods, but also to have scenarios and a feeling of a better overview of the future and the necessary steps and procedures. If you are interested in further workshops with 10-30 participants, then let's talk about it. Just send me an email.

Keynotes & Workshops

My Talks & WorkshopsHere is a complete overview (with videos from past talks) of my engagements this year. They are all around the disruptions in the automotive industry, the Silicon-Valley-Mindset, Foresight Mindset and how to discover trends early, and now also about Artificial Intelligence and its application, which is also the topic of my most recent book.

If you have time and are interested meeting for coffee and discussing those topics, feel free to send me an email.

Servus & a good start into September!


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