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Enterprise Garage Newsletter | March 23rd, 2021

Gender, Bias, and Artificial Intelligence

FaceAppYou can clearly see the young lady in the photo enjoying her excursions by motorcycle. On her Twitter account, you can see her happily working around in front of motorcycles and in her workshop, if it weren't for a few inconsistencies that caught the eye of attentive fans. Well, what can we say? The lady is a work of artificial intelligence and behind her was a 50-year-old motorcyclist who used the phone app FaceApp not only to make himself look younger, but also to perform a virtual sex change at the same time. More details can be found at FaceApp and the cute motorcycle girl.

Not all gender conversions by AI are so elaborate. Less obvious were the stereotypes Google Translate performed when translating gender-neutral sentences from Finnish into English or German. Women take care of children and cooking, men go to work and invest. Another example, where data bias is creeping in and why it is so important to curate AI training data properly. For a detailed analysis, see Gender Stereotyping in Google Translate.

Book Project: Looking for Excuses!

E-MailFor a new book I ask for your help. I am looking for apologies; special ones. Namely, those where someone has apologized to you, but did it or phrased it in a way that it made you even more angry after the apology was made. Maybe you also know examples where the apology was really good.
You can also send me examples from your circle of friends and family, or those that you have noticed in the media. Some politician who screwed something up? Or a foootball player? The more details you can give me, the better. What was the exact wording? What was the offense? Who brought it to the offender's attention? How did you or others feel afterwards? How did you react to it?

Just send me an e-mail. Looking forward to your Sorry-Not-Sorry-examples!

Tipp of the Month: Fixes Against Zoom-Fatigue

In a timely move, here's a little tip from Stanford University on what triggers the infamous zoom fatigue, video conferencing fatigue, and how to get around it. There are four measures you can take:

  1. Reduce size of Zoom window
  2. Hide self view
  3. Go audio only
  4. Minimize the window so you don’t see others
The study paper explains why this is so:
Stanford researchers identify four causes for ‘Zoom fatigue’ and their simple fixes
AlphaSophia & Mario
FUTURE MINDSET: How to forecast and design your future
COURSE CONTENT: How can we predict the future and better prepare for it? This is a question that many companies are asking themselves, and one that also has consequences for your very own personal future.
The FUTURE MINDSET online course presents a set of tools that course participants can use to discover for themselves signs of what might come, how to influence them to make better decisions today. With this knowledge and the tools, you can shape your own personal future or that of your company.
REGISTER for that course!
Also watch the funny Promo-Video!

Articles & News

Here is a collection of interesting articles and blogs:

FaceApp and the cute motorbike girl
Google Translate Waymo vs Tesla FSD
Gender Stereotyping In
Google Translate
Waymo versus Tesla FSD:
Who’s Getting Faster To
The Same Destination?
Autonomous Driving on Mars
Enterprise Gamification
Almost seven years ago, my first of seven books on a playful design approach was published:

Enterprise Gamification:
Engaging people by letting them have fun

The book addresses people's behaviors and motivations. The book is designed to help people tackle boring tasks with more fun.

The book has lost none of its significance.

Available on Amazon.

Keynotes & Workshops

KeynotesIf you are interested, here is the overview of my upcoming keynotes and workshops (with videos of past presentations). The topics are based on my books and are
  • Disruptions in the Automotive Industry (book)
  • Silicon-Valley-Mindset (book)
  • Foresight Mindset (book)
  • Artificial Intelligence (book)
If this is not possible for you, you can book the Future Mindset online course directly, and it is available in both English and German.
And the latest topic (also the title of my next book)
  • FUTURE ANGST: How we went from being the world's technology leaders to stragglers. And how we become innovation leaders again.

If you have time and desire for a coffee (as soon as the pandemic is over again) or questions about keynotes and workshops, just send me a E-Mail.

Servus & wishing you a timely vaccination!


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