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Enterprise Garage Newsletter | December 31st, 2020

Has The Exodus From The Future Begun?

AlphaSophia and MarioNot only do pandemics come in cycles - historians have been able to identify one every 30 years on average over the centuries - so do economic crises and voices predicting the downfall of civilization. Once again, the end is predicted for Silicon Valley, where the future is already being made today. And all this because in 2020, with the COVID lockdown, many residents decided to move away from the San Francisco Bay Area. Also Oracle and Hewlett Packard annoounced to move their company headquarters to Texas. Except: is this true? I analyze this in a post and get to the bottom of all this.

2021: Learn New Skills With AlphaSophia

2020 gave me the time to finally tackle a topic I've been wanting to try for a long time: Ventriloquism. And so that I don't just babble away, I simply recorded an online course for one of my books and put it on Udemy. I teach this course in English and German together with my AI robot AlphaSophia.

NEW! Online-Course!
FUTURE MINDSET: How to forecast and design the future

AlphaSophiaCOURSE CONTENT: How can we forecast the future and better prepare for it? This is a question that many companies are pondering, and one that also has consequences for their own personal future.

The FUTURE MINDSET online course introduces a set of tools that you can use to discover for yourself signals of what might come, how to influence them to make better decisions today. With this knowledge and the tools, you can design your one's own personal future or that of the your company.

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2020: My Year in Books
2020: My Year in Books

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Keynotes & Workshops

KeynotesIf you are interested, here is the overview of my upcoming keynotes and workshops (with videos of past presentations). The topics are based on my books and are
  • Disruptions in the Automotive Industry (book)
  • Silicon-Valley-Mindset (book)
  • Foresight Mindset (book)
  • Artificial Intelligence (book)
If this is not possible for you, you can book the Future Mindset online course directly, and it is available in both English and German.
And the latest topic (also the title of my next book)
  • FUTURE ANGST: How we went from being the world's technology leaders to stragglers. And how we become innovation leaders again.

If you have time and desire for a coffee (as soon as the pandemic is over again) or questions about keynotes and workshops, just send me a E-Mail.

Servus and a Happy New Year 2021!
Stay safe and healthy!


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