Newsletter #10 | May 31st, 2022

Stupidity as Moral Defect?

Actually, I always thought stupidity had something to do with a lack of intelligence. But our generation is learning anew that intelligent people can be quite stupid. Scientific findings are wiped away and esoteric humbug, which has long since been exposed as ineffective, is held up in its place. Some intelligent people understand why a dictator and war criminal like Putin invades a country and lets people be tortured, raped and killed, excuse the war criminal and blame the invaded country.

The priest Dietrich Bonhoeffer already had this revelation in his time, which he saw transforming the land of poets and thinkers into a land of Nazis He recognized that stupidity is not an intellectual but a moral defect, and this sociologically 'infects'. And above all, this kind of stupidity is highly dangerous, since the people afflicted by it lack empathy and can thus become all the more evil. Bonhoeffer also found a solution before his execution by the Nazis, but not an easy one.

A treatise with video on Stupidity is a Moral Defect.

Dummheit als moralischer Defekt

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Speaking of stupidity: Do you want to cure it and become smarter? Then read my books! Whether on Silicon Valley, the future, artificial intelligence, the tiresome topic of innovation, the automotive industry or how not to apologize, there's plenty for connoisseurs among them.

Marios Bücher
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All books are available on Amazon, from the Plassen and Beck publishing houses, or from your favorite bookseller. They are even available as ebooks here, for example.

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Here are my online workshops for self-learning.
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CYBERF*CKEDLast Friday, the German comedian Jan Böhmermann presented in his show ZDF Magazin Royale, the results of trying to report hate speech on the internet. In each of the 16 German states at the exact day and time in August 2021 show correspondents tried to report hate crimes with the police. The result was very sobering. In some cases, the reports were not even accepted by the police, in others the police did nothing and in only few cases the perpetrators were investigated and convicted. Online perpetrators of violence almost always go unpunished. That's not just in Germany, the same goes for man other countries.

And that's more or less the realization I came to in my manuscript for my next book, that I sent to my publisher two weeks ago.  In it, I cover in detail and with examples after many interviews with affected women (and men) how women are insulted, harassed and threatened by toxic men on the Internet, and why this is a problem for all of us and what we can do about it. The book will be published in November 2022 and is already available for pre-order: CYBERF*CKED.

Gruezi from Zurich (my current stopover on a three-week business trip)


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