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Enterprise Garage Newsletter | October 9th, 2020

Are you intelligent enough for AI?

Selfie MonkeySome years ago, the Dutch primatologist Frans de Waal wrote a book entitled "Are we smart enough to understand how smart animals are?" Given our irrationality and sometimes open stupidity, he came to the unflattering conclusion: meeeh!

With artificial intelligence other fears arise. Will it become so intelligent that it will subjugate us, or will it destroy us immediately? Or are we so stupid and slow for an AI that it considers us nothing more than something like a goldfish is to us, to whom we also do not really attempt read some Shakespeare. Will AI just ignore us?

As always with such new and seemingly complex technology subjects, about which we know still little, moral entrepreneurs emerge, who warn us of alleged ethical problems and imagine horror scenarios that machines will decide over us all well-being and about our life and death. As soon as one begins to dig into the topic, we notice, what nonsense these warners spread.

Instead of bothering with long-haired philosophers (link) and pundits without any idea of what's really cooking, I am trying to get an understanding, what exactly prevents us from approaching technology with a more open mindset: The Modern Anti-Renaissance.


Rebranding Branding
#19 How disruptive technologies are upending the world’s biggest automotive brands

The Last Driver's License Holder ...

The last driverWho are going to be the car makers of the future? And why is it all so difficult for the traditional makers to move into the new automotive world? Well, I have written exactly about that already some time ago and now it's happening. I want to suggest my book, which hit the book stores this past October:
The Last Driver's License Holder
Has Already Been Born
The book deals with many aspects of the technological and demographic changes and what it means for car companies, our societies, cities, regions, and jobs. The book's available on Amazon or at any book store.

Articles & News

Here is a collection of interesting articles and blogs:

FUTURE ANGST - How California Legally Permits Innovation
Waymo One Einride
Waymo Opens Robotaxis
To The General Public
In Phoenix
Swedish Authorities Deny Test License,
Because Autonomous Truck
Cannot Perform Alcohol Test
Shadow Board
FUTURE ANGST - Shadow Board: Other Perspectives Through Diversity

Foresight Mindset Workshops

“You can't build up a reputation on what you are going to do.”
― Henry Ford

In my Foresight-Mindset-Workshops I teach how to forecast the future and realize your own dream. Such a team-workshop includes the following topics, including many tasks in small groups:

  1. Five phases of the Foresight Mindset CycleWorkshop
  2. What is Foresight?
    • Forecast versus Prediction
    • What are Signals and Trends?
    • What are Cassandras?
  3. Introduction to the methods
    • Future Benchmarking
    • Futures Wheel
    • Scenario Planing
    • Backcasting
    • Messages from the Future
    • Storytelling
    • Trend Recognition
    • ...
  4. Foresight Mindset as strategic discipline
  5. Where does Foresight fail and how can we avoid that?
  6. Ethical questions about Foresight Mindset
The aim of the workshop is not only to have understood the foresight methods, but also to have scenarios and a feeling of a better overview of the future and the necessary steps and procedures. If you are interested in further workshops with 10-30 participants, then let's talk about it. Just send me an email.

Family Photo of my Books

Here is a family photo of some of my books, the ones I wrote (without anthologies) and published since 2016.

Affenbuch Foresight
Führerscheinneuling The last driver SV Mindset

Keynotes & Workshops

KeynotesIf you are interested, here is the overview of my upcoming keynotes and workshops (with videos of past presentations). The topics are based on my books and are
  • Disruptions in the Automotive Industry (book)
  • Silicon-Valley-Mindset (book)
  • Foresight Mindset (book)
  • Artificial Intelligence (book)
and as the latest topic (also the title of my next book)
  • FUTURE ANGST: How we went from being the world's technology leaders to stragglers. And how we become innovation leaders again.

If you have time and desire for a coffee (as soon as the pandemic is over again) or questions about keynotes and workshops, just send me a E-Mail.

Servus from an autumn San Francisco


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