Newsletter #11 | July 21st, 2022

Crazy Visions OR No Visions?

A Mission to a Vision For You

"If you have visions, you should see a doctor," a politician is supposed to have once said. Yet visions, in the form of images of the future, are definitely something we should not only have, but actively strive for. Visions better prepare us for the future, and they help us better determine what future we want to have. They allow us to play out scenarios and make decisions today that better prepare us for it.

Visions can be inspiring. The goal of flying to the moon or colonizing Mars inspires many people. I am no exception. Building virtual worlds and immersing myself in them inspires others. Nations also had visions that were not always reasonable or for the good of all - we know that all too well (unfortunately). But not having a vision is also bad, because what do we stand for, and how do we help determine the direction in which a society, a community of nations, and humanity should move? Do we steer progress or do we let ourselves be driven by it?

Crazy Visions

German TV named a recent documentary on the visions of tech founders UTOPIA - Crazy Visions in Silicon Valley, in which it mainly finds - whether rightly or not I leave it up to you - negative things about the visions of tech founders like Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk. Above all, the makers criticize who sets the tone for these visions. And I see it that way, too. But what this documentary doesn't offer is what visions we should actually have and want to have? What should visions from our cultural sphere look like? Do we have any at all? In view of the current political situation with the energy and climate crisis or the Russian invasion, we seem to have no visions or at least questionable ones.

And this is also the task for you for the summer: Reflect, which visions you would like to see. What progress do we want to see and where can we contribute to humanity? Let me know what you suggest and I will collect the visions and present them in the next newsletter. Send me an email with your vision.

TALKING ABOUT Silicon Valley: obituaries about the demise of Silicon Valley are popping up everywhere, but this region is livelier than ever. I notice this not only in the delegations and visitors that are currently showing up, but also in the hard numbers: Venture capital, residents, exits, etc. are all going up. Read more in my post Silicon Valley: The Reports of my Death are Greatly Exaggerated.

Summer Reading Material

Whether on the beach, in a mountain hut, or in the bathroom: my books can be read anywhere. The topics are just as varied. Whether on Silicon Valley, the future, artificial intelligence, the tiresome topic of innovation, the automotive industry or how not to apologize, there's plenty for connoisseurs among them.

Marios Bücher
Books for the great mind

All books are available on Amazon, from the Plassen and Beck publishing houses, or from your favorite bookseller. They are even available as ebooks here, for example.

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CYBERF*CKEDAs I've announced before, my latest book is coming out in early November, which deals with the online harassment of women by toxic men. Are you interested in an English version? Let me know!

For this purpose, I have created a LinkedIn group to which I would like to invite you. Join and take a look at some examples of how women (and men) deal with online threats.

There are already first posts with measures how to take action against online hate and how to stand by women (and men). You are of course welcome to post your own experiences, ask questions and contribute. Click here to join the group.

Servus from California, where it's just as hot as at your place!


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