Newsletter #6 | October 7th, 2021

Kung Fu Panda And The Name Of The Rival

For decades, domestic business leaders were content with navel-gazing. They paid attention only to competitors in their own industry. For a long time, this was sufficient, because in industries with massive capital investments, as is the case here, one could rely on one's own advantage. Until, yes, times changed and well-financed companies from other industries began to challenge you for dominance. All of this has to do with the increased digitization of all things material.

Kung Fu Panda
Kung Fu Panda

And for some time now, things have not been going so well, and time-honored businesses and industries are starting to feel stressed. But the problem was and still is that people notice the intruders, but don't want to take them seriously. Still not. They sometimes even can't name them... And if they do talk about them, then often in a quite derogatory tone. And anyway, what would they know about 'this' business? Incumbents feel proud, unassailable, and certainly can learn nothing from the intruders. Just as the Chinese emperor and his court were of the opinion that the world had nothing to offer them that China did not already have itself in better quality and sufficient quantity, we behave in the same way. There would be nothing to learn from dictators and human rights violators. That didn't end well for China then, and it can't end well for our own economy.

An excerpt from my latest book Future Angst gives some more insight into this.

Meanwhile, I took care of something else, as the following picture shows. How do you upgrade a galactic portal and make it intergalactic? With the right tools and manuals, of course...

Portal Upgrade
Upgrading my galactic portal to an intergalactic portal

Two Book Recommendations

Future Angst
Available since August 2021:
Future Angst
How we went from innovation pioneers to innovation laggards and how we overcome German Angst

In the book, I address the past, present and future of technologies in the German-speaking world, as well as the fears and hopes then and now. And above all, how it came about that today we seem to have become so skeptical of technology and overcautious to the point of paralysis.

You can order it on Amazon, with the publisher or at your local book store.

Sorry Not Sorry
Available since August 2021:
Sorry Not Sorry
The Art of the Non-Apolgy
48 tricks for ministers, managers and bastards who fucked up and now don't understand the fuss

The art of how not to apologize is a noble one. Politicians, managers, church representatives and many other public figures have mastered this art to perfection. Corruption in the procurement of masks? Never happened. Not enough vaccine? Sorry, but can't be helped. Billions sunk with the planned highway toll? Not my fault. What's all the fuss about?

The books is available on Amazon, with the publisher, or at any of your local book stores.

Recording of a Panel Discussion:
The Autonomous “Robo Car”
- (near) future or just a pipe dream?

A panel discussion organized by Transatlantic AI Exchange with Matthias Hohensee from the Wirtschaftswoche, Johann Jungwirth from Mobileye, Tobias Wessels from Udelv, Hendrik Kramer from Fernride and Mario Herger.
The Autonomous “Robo Car”

Techno | Phil | oSophical

Over Dose Risk
The Problem With An
AI-based Overdose Risk Score
For Pain Medications.
Waymo & Cruise Approved For
Commercial Robotaxi License
Safety Score
Kung Fu Panda
First Experiences
With Tesla’s Safety Score
Kung Fu Panda
And The Name Of The Rival

Online Workshops

Here are my online workshops for self-learning.
Future Mindset
Growth Mindset
How to forecast and design for the future, making better decisions in today.
How leaders can help themselves and their employees move from a rigid to a growth mindset.

Halloween is just around the corner

At the end of October, it's that time again in the U.S.: Hordes of costumed children will once again make the neighborhood unsafe in the evening, knocking on doors and loudly threatening with their battle cry: "TRICK OR TREAT!" In doing so, however, they'll have to get past front yard decorations. Decorations like this one - Muhahhahaaaa!

A creepy Servus from California



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