Newsletter #2 | May 17th, 2021

Vaccine Development - A Digital Technology

With the light at the end of the tunnel that we see with a bumpy but now progressing vaccination campaign, we should also appreciate again the unique innovations behind having not one but six vaccines ready in such a short time. Considering that in the history of mankind an epidemic has struck us on average every 30 years, and vaccines have only been in use for 200 years, and that the development of a vaccine takes not years but decades, and that for some diseases a vaccine is still available even after more than 100 years of research, the one year we had to wait for the COVID vaccines is a piece of cake.


Timeline of innovations in vaccine development
Source: Nature

Nature magazine published a study showing the timelines for vaccine development for different diseases, and the COVID vaccine development stands out. Only a few days after the digitally analyzed gene sequence of the virus was available, a blueprint for the vaccine was available. We also have DARPA to thank for the fact that a completely new method - the mRNA vaccine - could be used, in addition to the researchers. This R&D division of the U.S. military funded the initial vaccine research (Moderna at $56 million) starting in 2013, giving the scientific and business community not only a boost, but also a lofty goal: the process to develop an mRNA vaccine must take no more than 60 days.

Man-made technology is (mostly) our friend, nature often our enemy. In view of the prevailing skepticism about technology we should never forget this. We should become more technophilic again and give the moral entrepreneurs who stir up unnecessary fears a kick in the butt. At the end of the day, it was not the philosophers and other moral entrepreneurs who brought us a COVID vaccine, but the graduates of STEM subjects.

Live Online Workshop

Composing Letters
Composing letters #oldschool
You won't learn how to write calligraphy in this workshop, but you will learn how to recognize a growth mentality and a rigid mentality in employees, yourself and your manager. The workshop with the title

Growth Mindset for Managers and Employees

will take place online on May 25th, 2021 from 9am to 5pm PDT.
Click here to register.

Other Online Workshops

If you don't have time for a live online workshop, don't despair. There are some workshops online for self-learning.
Future Mindset
Growth Mindset
How to forecast and design for the future, making better decisions in today.
How leaders can help themselves and their employees move from a rigid to a growth mindset.

Pre-Order: Sorry Not Sorry

Sorry Not Sorry
On August 12, 2021, my book (in German) will be available:
Sorry Not Sorry
The Art of the Non-Apology
48 tricks for ministers, managers and morons who screwed up and now don't understand the fuss.

The book keeps what it promises with many practical examples and can already be pre-ordered from the publisher. You can pre-order it here.

Pre-Order: Future Angst

Future Angst
Then, just a week after that, on August 19, 2021, my other previously announced book (in German), will be available:
Future Angst
How we went from innovation pioneers to innovation laggards
and how we overcome German Angst

In it, I address the past, present and future of technologies in the German-speaking world, as well as the fears and hopes then and now. And above all, how it came about that today we seem to have become so skeptical of technology and overcautious to the point of paralysis. You can pre-order it here.

Help with book research:
When Mammoths Fart

After the book is before the book. Now that I have finished the two books mentioned above, I am preparing new book titles. For one of them I need your help. In When Mammoths Fart (that's the working title) I want to address the phenomenon of patronizing, attacking and gaslighting of women by idiots on the Internet. Recently, one such case was prominently in the media in Germany with the author Jasmina Kuhnke, who even had to move with her family from one day to the next after the Nazi mob published her private address. In Austria, with the journalist Eva-Maria Reisinger and the Green Party politician Sigrid Maurer. And in the U.S., the so-called Gamergate was very prominent and is just the AI ethics expert Timnit Gebru and its former boss Margaret Mitchell under fire: namely by Google itself, which fired the two and now still with a dirt bucket campaign to discredit the two researchers tries. In the process, the mob generally does not shy away from rape and death threats, as well as stalking.

I myself find this abhorrent and would like to understand how men - without being patriarchal white knights, but in accordance with the wishes and needs of the women concerned (but also the isolated male victims of such attacks) - can help and assist the women. With this, we would like to send a signal that public advocacy for these women also concerns men and that we must not accept this. The voices and knowledge of the affected women are necessary for all of us, and they should be able and allowed to express themselves everywhere. We must not accept that a few behaviorally disturbed people make life impossible for women on the Internet and in public.

I would appreciate any leads and contacts to affected individuals, to organizations, and generally advice on where I can find more information.

Techno | Phil | oSophical

The new U.S. AI Initiative compared to the European Digital Strategy.
Tesla: The Economic Damage of a Six-Month Delay
San Francisco
San Francisco 1912 and 2021
EQS and Model S Size Comparison


The Origins Podccast
Theoretical physicist, cosmologist and book author Lawrence Krauss interviews his friend, German filmmaker Werner Herzog. During the two hours, the two also chat about films again and again, and Herzog recounts some hair-raising experiences, but much more we get an insight into the thoughts and reflections of the well-read Munich native.

Of professional portrait photos and more...

PorträtYou probably don't feel any differently than I do, that comments about your own profile picture come up again and again. In the best case, you're adored; in the worst case, you're reprimanded. Especially on professional platforms like LinkedIn, the members seem to have a very precise idea of what is considered a professional profile picture and what is not.

That's why I asked the master cartoonist Bernd Ertl ( for a portrait to reflect me. As a technology-savvy author who likes to write his books in Viennese and Californian coffee houses and has a large library - including many French comic books - it should be no problem for the master to conjure up something. And the master outdid himself once again. This work will be the author portrait in my above mentioned Sorry Not Sorry book in August.

How do you like it? Send me an email and tell me what you think.

Servus from California


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