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Enterprise Garage Newsletter | February 12th, 2021

The Story of the Moon Rock in the Oval Office

AstronautElon Musk is known for putting a Cybertruck or even a whole rocket on stage during his appearances. These "impression amplifiers" help him not only to convey his ideas better to an audience, but also to generate inspiration and use his innovation capital. Someone who shoots rockets into space and builds the best electric cars simply has more credibility when it comes to new ideas, however crazy.

The new American President Joe Biden has taken Elon Musk's use of "impression amplifiers" as a model and requested from NASA, no, not a rocket, but a piece of Moon rock to keep it clearly visible for his guests in the Oval Office. Already Bill Clinton had a piece of our earth satellite in his office and he used it masterfully to bring politicians and guests together and to put the differences between them into perspective. So along the lines of, "When we worked together, we went all the way to the Moon. And now we really want to jump at each other's throats over $30 billion here, and $200 billion there?"

To us innovation leaders who want to inspire others and and make a dent into the universe, the question now is: What is my moon rock?
Let me know and share what you use for inspiration.

Here's more background on Moon rocks in the Oval Office.

Book Project: Looking for Excuses!

E-MailFor a new book I ask for your help. I am looking for apologies; special ones. Namely, those where someone has apologized to you, but did it or phrased it in a way that it made you even more angry after the apology was made. Maybe you also know examples where the apology was really good.
You can also send me examples from your circle of friends and family, or those that you have noticed in the media. Some politician who screwed something up? Or a foootball player? The more details you can give me, the better. What was the exact wording? What was the offense? Who brought it to the offender's attention? How did you or others feel afterwards? How did you react to it?

Just send me an e-mail. Looking forward to your Sorry-Not-Sorry-examples!
AlphaSophia & Mario
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Articles & News

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Enterprise Gamification
Almost seven years ago, my first of seven books on a playful design approach was published:

Enterprise Gamification:
Engaging people by letting them have fun

The book addresses people's behaviors and motivations. The book is designed to help people tackle boring tasks with more fun.

The book has lost none of its significance.

Available on Amazon.

Keynotes & Workshops

KeynotesIf you are interested, here is the overview of my upcoming keynotes and workshops (with videos of past presentations). The topics are based on my books and are
  • Disruptions in the Automotive Industry (book)
  • Silicon-Valley-Mindset (book)
  • Foresight Mindset (book)
  • Artificial Intelligence (book)
If this is not possible for you, you can book the Future Mindset online course directly, and it is available in both English and German.
And the latest topic (also the title of my next book)
  • FUTURE ANGST: How we went from being the world's technology leaders to stragglers. And how we become innovation leaders again.

If you have time and desire for a coffee (as soon as the pandemic is over again) or questions about keynotes and workshops, just send me a E-Mail.

Servus & stay safe and healthy!


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