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Enterprise Garage Newsletter | August 10th, 2020

TikTok and the digital troublemakers

TikTokWirecard has just been in the news, the next digital platform is already in the headlines: TikTok. This time, however, not because of fraud and bankruptcy, but because of security gaps and the anger of the Americans, which it has drawn upon itself. The situation is not quite so black and white, here the bad guys, there the good guys, the good guys in the potty, the bad guys in the croissants, as it may seem.

Don't forget: the TikTok teenagers gave Trump the most humiliating defeat in Tulsa yet. While both Microsoft and Twitter are now in talks with TikTok's parent company ByteDance about a takeover, German companies are buying Monsanto.

Tik Tok
Instead of TikTok
we acquire Monsanto
Trump’s Revenge
on the TikTok Generation

Podcast Recommendations

For the beach or the long holiday trip, I would like to point out a few podcasts that either fascinated me, in which I was involved, or both.
Professor Game Mindscape
Professor Game:
Looking into Gamification History
with Mario Herger | Episode 144
Sean Carroll's
Mindset Podcast

Ethics & Artificial Intelligence: New pair of shoes or old hat?

AffenbuchThere are thousands of years old examples on the topic of "Ethical AI". For example, Hephaistos, the Greek god of blacksmithing - the "innovation god" in modern parliaments - created the bronze giant Talos to guard the island of Crete. He let friends onto the island, threw boulders at enemies or roasted them on his bronze chest - an unpleasant death.

Until Jason and the Argonauts had to make an emergency landing on Crete because of a calm, and Talos could not distinguish them from enemies. Medea, the first female hacker in the world, put a surprising end to Talos with a feint.

How AI is less danger and allows us to be more human, and what trick Medea used to defeat Thalos, I describe in my book

Wie Künstliche Intelligenz uns erst richtig zum Menschen macht

Articles & News

Here is a collection of interesting articles and blogs:

Jonas Hanway
When It Rains Trash On The Umbrella
Tik Tok
Instead of TikTok
we acquire Monsanto
Trump’s Revenge
on the TikTok Generation
Porsche’s Over-The-Air Just Vaporware
World Record Legosets
World Record Attempt
With Electric Airplane
How Lego Sets Kill Creativity
AI and The Simple World of Richard David Precht

Foresight Mindset Workshops

“What is pleasant about the present is the activity,
hope for the future
...and the memory of the past.”
― Aristotle

In my Foresight-Mindset-Workshops I teach how to forecast the future and realize your own dream. Such a team-workshop includes the following topics, including many tasks in small groups:

  1. Five phases of the Foresight Mindset CycleWorkshop
  2. What is Foresight?
    • Forecast versus Prediction
    • What are Signals and Trends?
    • What are Cassandras?
  3. Introduction to the methods
    • Future Benchmarking
    • Futures Wheel
    • Scenario Planing
    • Backcasting
    • Messages from the Future
    • Storytelling
    • Trend Recognition
    • ...
  4. Foresight Mindset as strategic discipline
  5. Where does Foresight fail and how can we avoid that?
  6. Ethical questions about Foresight Mindset
The aim of the workshop is not only to have understood the foresight methods, but also to have scenarios and a feeling of a better overview of the future and the necessary steps and procedures. If you are interested in further workshops with 10-30 participants, then let's talk about it. Just send me an email.

Keynotes & Workshops

My Talks & WorkshopsHere is a complete overview (with videos from past talks) of my engagements this year. They are all around the disruptions in the automotive industry, the Silicon-Valley-Mindset, Foresight Mindset and how to discover trends early, and now also about Artificial Intelligence and its application, which is also the topic of my most recent book.

If you have time and are interested meeting for coffee and discussing those topics, feel free to send me an email.

Servus & enjoy a nice month of August!


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