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Bonjour everyone!

I hope you're all enjoying the summer sunshine!

The past few weeks have been extremely busy for La Fontaine Academy, getting ready to welcome our inaugural children in about a month!

Here are our key updates:

Ofsted Success

We had our Pre-Opening Ofsted inspection a couple of weeks ago and I am very pleased to say that it went very well. We scored positively in 100% of the categories that apply to us!

The Inspection was focused on Health and Safety, as well as on how we would promote and evaluate our pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

With a very successful Ofsted and our Funding Agreement signed, the Department for Education have now ticked all the necessary boxes for the school to officially open.

School Site

Work is now well-underway to get our site ready for September. I have been visiting the site regularly and I am pleased to say that all's going well.

I posted a picture of our school hall on Twitter. It'll be a wonderful place for Indoor PE and Family Dining to take place! Click
here to see the picture.

We also had a meeting with Bromley Council and the Education Funding Agency a few weeks ago and they told us they would get back to us in September regarding our permanent site. They are exploring a few options within 1 mile radius of Bromley South station.

As I shared with you at our last public meeting, as soon as I know more, I will let you know.

Uniform Collection Day and Children Induction Half-Day

Click here to find the letter that was sent to you a few weeks ago with details about the Uniform Collection Day (check the collection times, please).

You'll also find details about the children half-day induction (timings and logistics).

Families will be able to sign up for our Wrap-Around Care provision (Breakfast Club, After-School Club, and STEP Zone Childcare) on Thursday 4th September as they bring children for their induction. Registration for After-School Clubs will be done on a 'First Come, First Served' basis. The After-School Clubs will be organised in the following way: there will be Reception Clubs and Year 1/2 Clubs. If there are more people applying than there are places, my hope is to use the time between 4th September and 11th September to organise extra ones.

Last Night of the Proms - Première Soirée à La Fontaine

Our wonderful - and still embryonic - Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) has been busy organising its first official event!

The plan is to all come together on Saturday 13th September to enjoy some wonderful music and fellowship at the school. This event will coincide with the last night of the BBC Proms.

Details here.

To register, please click

Merci beaucoup Veronica, Leah, Tanya, and Chris for being so proactive and getting the ball rolling so quickly!

Academy Staff - Focus for Development for 2014-2015

On our website, you can find our Academy Development Plan targets for 2014-2015. Click here to read it.

The key things for our staff, in terms of their focus as professionals, will be the notions of:

Mastery Teaching - enabling children to persevere and always aim to make their work better, being supporting by teachers with clear targets and feedback.
Critical Pedagogy - enabling children to understand and participate in the world we live in, becoming leaders who can clearly articulate their thoughts, opinions, and dreams. This will also enable our children to engage with UNICEF's notion of Rights Respecting Schools.
Talk for Learning - enabling children to speak very confidently about their work, through collaborative projects.
Creative Education - we need life to be fun and exciting. We'll enable children to learn in creative ways, getting them to appreciate the arts and music. We want them to be inspired and wish their joy and happiness to reflect positively on people beyond our school walls: the world needs happy people!

School Prospectus

Some of you have asked for an electronic version of our School Prospectus so that you can share it with family and friends. It is available here.

School Dates

Don't forget to check our School Calendar here. You will find key dates for 2014-2015 (including Parents' Evenings, etc.).

A bientôt,

Dr Sebastien Chapleau
Founding Headteacher, La Fontaine Academy

PS: I will be away for a week from tomorrow (first days off since March!). I look forward to being back in touch from Monday 18th August, should you need to contact me before September.
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