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Tomatoes are big business in California and DiNapoli Tomatoes - a 3rd generation, family owned and operated California Canned Tomato Company, have been a part of that success for 80 years! Some of the reasons we love DiNapoli and their tomatoes?
     ~ Low acid, naturally sweet and low salt
     ~ Classic and organic options of the highest quality tomatoes
     ~ Peeled Tomatoes are made in the Italian Tradition
     ~ Specialize in all natural, San Marzano style Italian Tomatoes
     ~ Grown fresh in Northern and Central California
     ~ Customer focused
     ~ The DiNapoli team LOVES tomatoes!
DiNapoli Tomatoes are offered in a variety of products under three different brands. They are packed from fresh picked California tomatoes, using only the most basic of ingredients - fresh from harvest Tomatoes, Pacific Sea Salt and farm fresh Basil. If you want to see their tomatoes in action, check out this video during harvest!
The 2 brands currently carried by Viele & Sons are:

- The flag ship brand of DiNapoli, these beautiful San Marzano Tomatoes are all natural. This brand is very well known by chefs for its lack of acid and very little salt.

Bianco DiNapoli- This is their100% Organic brand in partnership with celebrity James Beard award winning Chef Chris Bianco. These tomatoes are grown with 100% sustainable farming practices, with no chemicals or pesticides.
Interested in adding DiNapoli Tomatoes to your menu? Here are the items Viele & Sons carries:
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