The Lens: September 2022
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Filming in BC Shatters Records

According to the VEC’s annual film spend research, the local film, television, visual effects and animation industries generated a record-breaking $4.8 billion in direct spending for the provincial economy in 2021 – a 40 percent year-over-year increase from 2020.

“We had expected the data to show a strong recovery given what we saw on the ground last year, but these numbers exceed all our expectations,” says Geoff Teoli, acting Vancouver film commissioner. “Pent-up demand from pandemic-related pauses may have been what drove spending this year, and while we expect it to settle back a bit going forward, it proves that Vancouver is capable of supporting a $5 billion industry sooner than we think.”

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Vancouver Looks Beyond GDP

VEC is proud to present “A Beyond GDP Framework for Vancouver,” a groundbreaking new perspective that promotes a more comprehensive view of economic success rooted in our local context.

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What is Economic Development?

Economic development isn’t just about attracting global trade and investment. It’s rooted in real-world needs, challenges and solutions – but these don’t always align with those traditionally identified in the field of economics.

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Job Alert | Analyst, Economic Transformation (two-year contract)

Are you a believer in the power of tech & digital transformation to enable social good and business resilience? Do you have prior experience as a program coordinator or manager? You could be the perfect fit for our team: Apply by Oct 2. Apply Today


Job Alert | Senior Manager, Indigenous Economic Prosperity

Could you be VEC's lead as we work towards economic reconciliation, build relationships with local First Nations, and support First Nations-led activities and goals for Indigenous prosperity?

Apply by Oct 19. Apply Today

Pitch Your Ideas to Canadian Enterprises

Get in the Loop: Circular Reverse Pitch 2.0, an ancillary event of the Zero Waste Conference, connects major Canadian enterprises with innovators who can solve their circular challenges.

Pitching companies include: BC Housing, Nexii, Vega, BC Place and BASF.

Read the pitches and join us September 29!

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