Our First Fundraiser, New Board Members, and Upcoming Client Support Groups

March 2016 News

Our First Fundraiser!

Calgary Silver Linings Foundation was granted its charitable status in August 2015 and we now have our first official fundraiser! A few friends and supporters of Silver Linings are taking on an ultra marathon run through the Grand Canyon on April 30th. The Grand Canyon symbolizes the journey families endure when a child suffers from a severe eating disorder. When confronted with the limited availability of proper diagnosis and treatment, the route can seem impassable. 

The participants, two of whom are fathers of children who are in recovery from severe eating disorders, wanted to find a way to help future families better cope with the emotional and financial burdens that exacerbate the already difficult trauma that comes with a child in the throes of a serious eating disorder. They chose the Grand Canyon, partly as a personal challenge, but also because they felt it represented the chasm into which many families feel they have been plunged as they attempt to save their children.

Two other runners will be taking on this race and although they have no ties to eating disorders, they are committed to supporting this fundraiser both for the personal challenge and because they have been moved by their friends’ stories.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit www.silverliningsfoundation.ca/run

Board News

It has been a busy and productive quarter – we have recruited two new Board members and are so excited to have them on board to provide their expertise to our initiative.

Irene Karras joins us with extensive credentials and experience in communications and media relations.  She has worked for a number of organizations, namely CBC where she had numerous responsibilities including overseeing the communications strategy and implementation for all Prairie Provinces and Canada’s North.  We look forward to having Irene support our communications strategy and brand recognition.

Chantal Nicholson also joined the Board as our Chair of Fundraising. Chantal also comes to us with extensive experience in her field. She has spent the last 15 years leading and managing projects and teams including her most recent and current position as a Campaign Team Manager at the United Way of Calgary and Area. Chantal will play an integral role in our fundraising strategy and initiatives.

Our advisory Board also enthusiastically welcomes a new member: Dr. Blake Woodside. Dr. Woodside’s specialty in psychiatry is the treatment of eating disorders in adult, and family therapy of adolescent anorexia nervosa. He is Medical Director Emeritus, Program for Eating Disorders at the Toronto General Hospital, Director of the Inpatient Eating Disorders Service, and Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto. Dr. Woodside will advise the Foundation with respect to clinical delivery model and other clinical aspects of the Foundation’s projects.

Family & Client Support

We are ready to offer a next round of Family Support Group in the spring. If you are interested in joining, please let us know by emailing hello@silverliningsfoudation.ca.

Our client support groups launched in February and are going strong. The next round will start in April. For those of you with an eating disorder seeking support and guidance, our next session will open for registration on April 1st. Please visit our website for more information.

Communtiy Involvement

We are pleased to have been invited to join the newly formed Calgary Council for Addiction and Mental Health (CCAMH). This group is a coalition of many Calgary mental health organizations, such as Canadian Mental Health Association, Wood’s Homes, and Suicide Prevention to name a few. Calgary Silver Linings Foundation is the only group at the table with a lens on Eating Disorders.

CCAMH’s intent is to join forces as community partners and align as a single voice to help those in need of support. The goals are to improve system navigation, collaboration between community partners, funding sources and allocation for the mental health sector, information gathering & data and finally improving the understanding of mental illness and building awareness.

We look forward to being involved in this initiative and creating alliances that will support the strategic intent of Silver Linings. We will keep you posted on developments.
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Calgary Silver Linings Foundation strives to expand and enhance the continuum of care for eating disorders in Alberta. Learn more at www.silverliningsfoundation.ca.

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