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January ➋🄋➋➀

Happy New Year friends! Maybe it's just me, but this year kind of feels like 2020 but with new packaging. Let's hope things will turn around soon.  

Before you dive into this month's issue, I'm looking for new folks to chat with for my Music Marketing Meetup series. Check out the talks from last year and if you or someone you know related to music marketing would be down to chop it up, email me. 💌

- Alison
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Need Content Inspiration? Noodle On These
As a content creator myself, I know it can be TOUGH consistently producing engaging digital content for fans while also working on your music. Here are just a few trending campaigns and ideas from the last month --- dive in, get inspired, and challenge yourself to put your own spin on them.
Marketing takeaway: When you're in a content creation rut, always look at what's trending on the social platforms and on Google Trends. I guarantee you'll find something you can hop on and customize to your own brand. Also, there are riches in niches as they say --- if freakin' sea shanties can take off on TikTok, then I'm pretty sure any of your own obscure hobbies or interests can find online communities as well. #flythefreakflag
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Peloton tests its own exclusive music with three Elvis remixes
"Peloton is now a place to debut music." If you're not part of the Peloton faithful (yet), you know this statement is true. The fitness startup released new Elvis remixes discoverable only in-app for the duration of a month. Big Boi, Chromeo, and Dillon Francis all worked on the original pieces. 

In November 2020, Peloton signed a deal with Beyonce to stream her music during classes and the company is working hard on keeping these signings with established acts going.
Marketing takeaway: Peloton has its own hardware (the bikes and treads) and video content, so it's primed to become a music discovery platform. Even if you're not at the stage of striking deals with the Pelotons of the world, in today's environment, music fans will be working out at home for the foreseeable future. How can you get your music highlighted in wellness apps and communities? Some ideas: Find startups on AngelList or pitch songs to micro fitness influencers who stream online. 
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Amazon buys Wondery, setting itself up to compete against Spotify for podcast domination
I couldn't miss mentioning this Big Effing Deal that hit the news during the last days of 2020. If you're not into the podcast scene, Wondery is/was one of the last big independent podcast networks left and is best known for shows like Dirty John. If this acquisition deal goes through, the network would become a part of Amazon Music. 
Marketing takeaway: Again, even if podcasts aren't your thing, they are definitely a "thing" for the major music streaming platforms. This deal would set up Amazon to become a much bigger threat to Spotify, the clear leader in the audio streaming space (its enterprise value was at $66.1 billion as of January 8, 2021). My recommendation? Spend some time looking at your offerings on Amazon: Include Amazon Music in your distribution plan, organize your metadata, and set up alerts so if this deal goes through, you can be an early adopter.
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Before You Go
May we all tackle 2021 with the vigor of a costumed character slaying the drums at a children's concert
Alison Clancy is a marketing and community manager for music and tech companies. Learn more about Alison at or say hello on Instagram at @_alisonclancy_
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