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Happy one-year anniversary to B-SIDES!
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^ What Clubhouse leadership meetings must be like rn
"Because everything in 2021 needs to be Clubhouse"
Remember when TikTok became the cool kid on the block during the pandemic and the big tech companies started falling over themselves to make their own competitive versions? If you're feeling deja vu lately with the Clubhouse situation, hard same. Just look at these players entering the real-time audio ring: 
  • True to form, Facebook was like "can't wait to copy that" and just launched Hotline
  • Discord's Stage Channels lets users broadcast live audio to virtual rooms
  • Reddit Talk enables live community talks (this article also coined the headline of this section)
  • Spotify, in the spirit of their mission to be all things audio, just acquired Betty Labs, the parent company of live sports audio app Locker Room (the two apps will remain separate)
  • Even LinkedIn is here, which is honestly the fastest I've ever seen the B2B social network join in on a trend
Marketing takeaway: Clubhouse isn't going anywhere, and IMO, neither is the live audio trend. If all the tech companies are investing time and resources, so should you. This space isn't so saturated yet that you can't start playing around and experimenting. Even the tech company I work for as my day job recently had an email thread about Clubhouse, specifically around IHOP's use of the platform where they played sizzling bacon sounds for a day. Genius (mmm, bacon). Get weird, get playful, get fun.  
(image via Twitter)
NFTs can't stop, won't stop
Last month, I talked about NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and how they were starting to gain steam in the music industry via the likes of Mike Shinoda of LinkedIn and Kings of Leon. Welp, just a few weeks later and the number of major artists taking big NFT swings is crazy (this industry moves fast, don't it?). 
  • The Glitch Mob's remix of The White Stripes' song "Seven Nation Army" just hit all streaming platforms worldwide and to celebrate, the two groups created an NFT drop featuring six unique pieces of art, including a visualizer and a 7" pressing of the track. 
  • The Weeknd's first NFT collection featured three audio-visual projects, four static visuals, and a piece that contained an unreleased song, raising a total of $2 million (it was available on Nifty Gateway for only 15 minutes).
  • Doja Cat launched her own NFT marketplace, and I loved that she explained the move by saying, "I want to be able to make all decisions related to my creative vision and help other artists do the same."
  • Even failed music festival organizer Ja Rule sold an NFT of a painting of the Fyre Festival logo for six figures (the work comes with a note from Ja that just says "Fuck this painting" which really, isn't that the art here?).
Marketing takeaway: Getting into the NFT game is not just for the majors. I've been seeing artists of all levels and stages joining in (shoutout to my friend Mike Casey for recently setting up the first jazz NFT collection). Remember, this is an investment and can be unpredictable, so make sure you're comfortable with the financial ins and outs before promoting anything. However, think about the waves you could make utilizing this hot topic around a new single or project!  
Check out WMG and Celine Dion's Webby-nominated campaign above
The Webby Awards are a treasure trove of campaign inspo
Last week, I heard someone on my team say, "Be aware of competitors but not distracted," and man, I felt that and how it can apply to the general industry. The Webby Awards are an internationally recognized awards program for excellence on the internet. It's a big deal in the world of digital, where I live most of the time. There is no shortage of nominees in the music industry that might light a creative spark in you. Some of my faves: 
Marketing takeaway: The popular pandemic word of late has been "languishing," a sense of stagnation and emptiness. No one is immune. If this sounds like you, looking for inspiration for what you want to do next should add some color back into your marketing efforts, regardless of budget. BTW, Webby Award winners will be announced on May 18. 
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