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December 2016

Audio Bibles for Haiti


I listen in amazement as my 6 year old reads the story of Christmas straight out of the Bible.  He can read!  He has direct access to the life giving words of God.  I am overjoyed that he has committed his life to Christ at such a young age.
Meanwhile, in Haiti, the literacy rate is about 50%.  If Pastors in Haiti could hand out a Bible to everyone in their town, it wouldn't be effective, because many could not read it for themselves.  But they can listen.
BLF Canada likes making connections.  In Touch Ministries has developed a solar powered "Messenger".  They can come loaded with the Bible in both French and Creole, the main languages of Haiti.  
Galcom ministries is partnering with us to make these Bibles available to the Haitian people.  For every donation of $15, Galcom will match it and the money will finance 1 audio messenger.  This way, we can provide $30 radios at only $15 each.  
At last, the precious words of God can be available for even those who cannot read it for themselves.

Reaching the Unreached through Radio


"To all our listeners out there, we will offer a free Bible if you write to this address..."  The woman copied down the information from the radio broadcast and quickly jotted a note to request a Bible.  In those days, the Catholic Church had a strangle hold on the province of Quebec, and told the people you had to be a professional to interpret the Bible correctly.  Only the priests could be trusted to interpret the Scriptures.  Everyone else just had to come Mass.  But this radio broadcast gave her hope.  She could find out more herself?  She could get her own copy of the Bible?  
Radio has the power to reach people right in their homes or right in their cars.  People who wouldn't even go to church.  The abusive influence of the Catholic Church in Quebec has been on the decline since the Quiet Revolution in the 60's, leaving a secular society that is suspicious of religious activity.  Officially, most of the province is still Catholic, but that just means they are christened, get married and have their funerals in a Catholic Church.  For many, it is not more than that.  

BLF Canada's mission is to help the Church reach the French World for Christ.  What if Christian radio was available everywhere in Quebec?  In cooperation with Galcom International, Transworld Radio and Hope for Today Ministries, BLF Canada is helping to bring this vision about.  It would take 1 mother station and about 100 repeater stations to cover the province.
We are currently in the process of applying for a broadcasting license from CRTC and Industry Canada.   
-Prayer support.  The application process is long and lengthy.  Pray that everything will go through.

-Praise the Lord for the funds that have already been raised towards this vision

Help establish Christian Radio stations in Quebec

Feed the Pastors

In 2016, BLF Canada director Toe-Blake Roy went to Haiti for 8 days.  During his time there, he taught at a pastor's conference of about 100 pastors from the area, and handed out books to the pastors.  They want him to come back.  In fact, they want him to commit to coming back and teaching at least once a year for the next five years!
They are hungry for good spiritual training.  Many have not been to any kind of seminary.  Some don't even have a Bible, yet they are the shepherd for their people.  
Plans are already underway for the next trip, where they have requested a course on financial management from a Biblical perspective.  The course runs for three days, and will be held twice in 2017 at different locations.

There's a practical detail to take care of, though.  They are also hungry for food when they come to the conference.  They are already willing to sit on a hard bench for a week to gobble up the learning.  But where will the food come from?  It only costs $5 a day to feed a Haitian pastor during a course.  $15 will pay for all three days.  200 pastors are expected in 2017.  
Feed a Pastor!

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