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To the very human you,

Hi to those new to the mailing list and to all who've been here for a while. It's nice to know you through the short or long connective threads that have led us here. This is a bit of a different mailout than normal, it's an exclusive opportunity to be involved in a project.

Safe (and solemn) to say it’s been one hell of a year for many. I’ve been wondering what to do about that. The answer I’ve come up with is lettuce (or letters, depending on your accent).

Reminders have been posting themselves into my days. Reminders that the appearance of mysterious mail can lead to irrepressible wonder and joy … reminders that honest sharing can render one potently alive… reminders that community and connection are a loved thing, and they can be brought into feeling by small personal interactions.

So here we go...

the project I've given myself is this:
to round off the year thus: to envelope human connection by posting 36.5 letters.

I'm calling it:
enveloping (the human) connection (in 36.5 letters)

I will be gathering things to share, wrapping them in stamps and slipping them into the post. You might unwrap a single thought, or collection of them, a fact, a feather, something poetic or simply something mundanely (or magnificently) human.

Recipients will be determined by a mix of gut feeling and random selection. Recipients are most welcome to write back, but not required to. If you so desire, you can request a theme, drop a word, hint at a suggestion. It may be followed, or may lead somewhere entirely different.

I aim to document this process in images along the way (you can see examples here) . Rest assured private personal information like full names and addresses will be kept safe and sacred.

why 36.5 letters?
There are 365 days in the year, obviously. But less obvious and more mind breaking than that, as bio-artist Tarsh Bates fact-dropped during this amazing workshop on the weekend, it appears that only 10% of the cells in our bodies are human. So in some strange way I’m posting offerings to the human portion of this year. Yes, bend logic.

This project is bare bones seeking. It’s a small, quiet experiment in reaching out and rethreading connection. It’s about enveloping the atmosphere of moments, for them to be unwrapped later, somewhere else, by another. It’s very human. It’s very pigeon. It’s very snails … eating lettuce.

So if you need, want or desire a little (potentially strange, very indigo) human connection in the mail, or know someone else who does, respond to this email with:

postal address:
prompt (optional):

warning/achtung: some letters may be sent without known provocation, but the provocation was there, let me promise you.

and here’s a provocative notion to sign us off:
When there are far more immediate methods at hand, what exactly do you put in a letter nowadays?

I hope you have yourself a heart-filled, human and reliably round end to the year.

All the best of wishes,

indigo (lettuce-writer) eli
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