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Greeting from President, Becky Mier!

Queen KathyAugust has sped by and time seems to be going at warp speed during our meetings! Our great speakers have provided interesting and valuable information on the local history of our California Rodeo, our own John Steinbeck, the excitement of the Monterey Jazz Festival, and historical facts discovered through archaeological digs in this region. Many thanks again to our Program Chair, Roger Powers, for bringing these great speakers to our club.

Building a vibrant club by inviting prospective members and keeping our members engaged is the theme for August, but it is also the objective throughout the year. Past President Kathy and her committee have some new ideas for our club, and we encourage the support of all members to give others the opportunity to have fun and improve our community.

Speaking of fun, we get to enjoy the outing at AT&T Park to watch the Giants and Cardinals, and then the multi-Rotary Club BBQ sponsored by the Downtown Club is coming up on September 15 at Toro Park. Debbie Hale is gathering the list of Steinbeck Rotary bakers to create treats for the dessert auction that we are sponsoring. Kathy B has also reserved Portobello’s for our first mixer of the year on Wednesday, September 30. Plan on bringing a guest.

School has started, and that means our stellar Interact Club of EAHS is off and running. The Interact Club has renewed its efforts to support the orphans’ school in Zimbabwe, and they already presented a substantial donation—which includes some extra dollars from our own members. I attended last Wednesday’s meeting, and you should be proud of how these young people come together for the same purpose that we have as Steinbeck Rotarians—to make our world a little bit better every day!

Coming up this month of September, you will all get a chance to meet our District Governor for this Rotary year, Mike Andritch. DG Mike will be visiting our club at our Wednesday, September 23rd meeting. He is an easy-going gentleman (as he appears to me), a passionate Rotarian, and a bit of a classic car enthusiast.

So September will be another fun, busy month for us. Thank you for all your support, and let us each go out and help one person at a time—be a gift to the world.

Yours in Rotary Service,
Mama Becky

The Queen Speaks

Regina GagePresident Becky encourages us to “go out and help one person at a time—be a gift to the world”

So, I started thinking about gifts. Perhaps it’s the fact that August has indeed whirled by and September is upon us. Most of us will soon realize the holidays are lurking…right around the corner. The word gift takes on more complicated meanings. Rather than being something we do or say, it becomes something we buy. We go out and buy gifts. Gifts we may not be able to afford; gifts the recipient may not need or want.

I think the idea of gift-giving is simple, but the reality isn’t. It gets complicated because of religion, politics, money and law. Almsgiving exists in a number of religions and regions. Then there are those who use the act of gift-giving as a way to procure favors; this of course being construed as bribery. Some gifts are subject to taxation while others require intent and delivery. Then we have social trends that impact our gift-giving such as Regifting, which has its own etiquette. Let’s not forget Experiential gifts such as the skydiving lesson my Board President just gave her husband for his birthday, or the Barefoot cruise my husband took me on when we first became engaged.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I make things too complicated. Maybe it would be really easy to actually live the lesson of what President Becky requests of us. Maybe it would be easy to go out every day and help one person at a time. That day turns into a week. That week turns into a month. And soon, it becomes a life.

Am I ready to be a Gift to the World? Are you?

Regina Gage
This article was written by Steinbeck Rotarian Regina Gage. Regina is also the Executive Director of Meals on Wheels of the Salinas Valley. Did you know that the name Regina means Queen? Over the next 2015-2016 Rotary year, Regina's option article, The Queen Speaks, will offer a different perspective on a various number of topics.  

A Rotarian Father's Perspective on RYE

Bob MendozaIt takes a fair amount of trust to send your 17 year old daughter overseas to Eastern Europe for a school year. You have to trust the exchange program and you have to trust your daughter. This is the journey we are on right now.

There are a few reputable exchange programs to select from but being a Steinbeckian for the past 12 years, there was really only one choice. Steinbeck Rotary Club has been heavily involved with Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) for many years. I also trust the leadership of RYE. Melissa Mears has been involved with RYE for a long time and this year she (once again) is the District 5230 RYE Chair. She has such a passion for youth exchange and it is infectious. Lee Blankenship is the RYE District 5230 Treasurer and over the past year I have gotten to know Tom Ogden and Kristin Pires and the entire team. All are committed to our kids, inbound and outbound, having a positive exchange. Special thanks to the Salinas Rotary Club for sponsoring my daughter, Alina.

All over the world there are equally committed teams of Rotary Youth Exchange volunteers. Right now, I am trusting that my daughter is being taken care of by Mihály Lados, the Rotary District 1911 Youth Exchange Chairman in Hungary. I’m sure they also have the same passion for youth exchange as we do here in District 5230.

Oh...we should mention that our daughter is having a blast in Hungary and just started school a few days ago. District 1911 has taken great care of her and her host family has been awesome. Yeah...we totally trust our daughter to be a great representative of our family, RYE, and the good ole USA. You can follow her blog here.

I believe that Rotary Youth Exchange is making the world a better place. It changes your perspective and smashes your preconceived notions. Currently we are hosting an exchange student from Japan and she has already changed our perspective of Japanese culture. How are you making a difference in the world? A small thing you could do is consider being a host family or taking a RYE student out for a day trip. These are the little experiences that create lasting memories for us and for our RYE students.

In Rotary Service, 
Bob Mendoza
This article was written by Steinbeck Rotarian Robert "Bob" Mendoza. Bob is the Data & Tech Admin at the SACNAS national office located in Santa Cruz, CA. Bob is also the Steinbeck Rotary Club Public Relations Chair and occasionally will contribute to the newsletter.

Upcoming Speakers and Events

Join us every Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. at the
National Steinbeck Center
1 Main Street, Salinas, CA 93901
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  • September 2 - Mitch Winick – Dean of Monterey College of Law will speak about "Drones in our Future."
  • September 9 - Monterey County Sheriff, Steve Bernal.
  • September 16 - David Armanasco will speak about Deep Water Desal.
  • September 23- District Governor Mike Andritch pays our Club a visit.
  • September 30 - Dark in the morning. Join us for a late afternoon Mixer.
  • October 7Oct  7 – Rabbi Bruce Greenbaum speaks about “The modern State of Israel: Living in the Holy Lane with lots of Challenges.”
  • October 14 - Rotary Youth Exchange (Inbound or outbound).
  • October 21Oct 21 – Dr. Jim Harvey – Moss Landing Marine Lab: Foraging of the Blue & Humpback Whales in Monterey Bay.
  • October 28 - Rotary Youth Exchange (Inbound or outbound).
We will update our website speaker page when we have more info.
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