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 Hey <<First Name>>,
I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving with friends and family. My best goes out to you and your family during this holiday season!

I am lucky enough to be spending this Thanksgiving weekend in one of my favorite places, Kalamazoo, Michigan. It has been a fun few days re-connecting with friends/colleagues, watching University of Michigan hockey (Go Blue!), and disconnecting from work.

Kalamazoo has always allowed me to get away from everything. Here my mind is quiet, relaxed. Bundling up in winter gear and walking the dog around the lake and through the woods might be what I value most. It's fun to surround yourself with people, but nothing re-charges your mind like solitude. The ability to get lost in your thoughts without the busyness of a city, just the sound of silence (Yes, there is a specific sound to it!). I think we all need this from time to time.

I hope you enjoy the content in this month's newsletter. Please make sure you consider my next foam rolling clinic at Nashville Running Company on December 3rd (more information below). These learn by doing clinics are packed with immediately applicable information to help you improve performance, fight off those nags and pains, and reduce the chance of injury. 

Also, in the next few months I will be finalizing a personal and co-authored ebook. I have been working hard on these projects for several months now, and am hopeful it will only be a few more until completion.
You know, you don't have to wait until the end of the month to get this stuff? Click here and follow me on Facebook and get all of this information the day it comes out. If you have any questions or concerns that could help your personal journey, please feel free to contact me.
In Strength & Health,

Garrett McLaughlin, MS, ATC, CSCS, ART
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Demonstration: The pec major is an important muscle that often becomes tight with poor posture. When shortened, it pulls the shoulder forward and into internal rotation. For optimal shoulder health and function, this is not where we want to be. Try this technique with a lacrosse ball to break up adhesions and lengthen this muscle.
How to Release and Lengthen the Pec Major
Some of you may need this through the holiday season. As things get busy and stressful, it's always good just to BREATHE! Breathing allows us to turn down our sympathetic nervous system which gets activated through stressful situations. Never underestimate the value of a strong, diaphragmatic breath.
Crocodile Breathing
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I have been trying my best to stay active across all forms social media. That includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you are on any of these platforms, I'd love to stay connected and provide you with regular content. These avenues provide me the ability to share helpful information on nutrition and exercise, injury prevention tips, motivational quotes, offers and promotions, and much more. Click the links below and don't just follow silently, but interact and get involved. I enjoy connecting with those who share their own experiences or have questions about their journey. 
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NEW Mobility Matters: Guide to Self-Myofascial Release Clinic
The next self-myofascial release clinic at NRC is less then a week away. Currently, there are a few spots still available, but they will go fast.

This clinic will provide insight on self-myofascial release and various strategies to mobilize soft-tissue throughout the body. Not only will you learn why SMR is important, but actually try these techniques for yourself while getting feedback. In fact, we will give you the trigger point ball to bring home with you following the clinic.
Come join us Thursday, December 3rd at 7pm.

--> Click here to sign-up <--
The Athlete's Corner: Maximizing Hip Function

The hips, and the gluteal muscles in particular, are very important in optimizing function and performance in athletics. Not only do these muscles have to be strong and powerful, they must also be reactive to external stimuli. The medius and minimus portions of the gluteus muscle play a significant role in stability of the hip. Click the video below to test yourself. If you notice that you are unable to hold the hips up, one hip drops, or the hamstring starts to cramp, you need to properly address gluteal function.
To read some of my previous articles about the gluteals, click below:
Testing Gluteal (Hip) Function
Now Offering Online Training!

Online training is a great option for adults and young athletes who aren't sure where to begin with their exercise program and need guidance. You still have to do all the hard work, but the thinking is eliminated with a individualized or pre-made program. 

  • 6- and 18-week program options
  • Individualized and pre-made programs
  • Video demonstration of each exercise
  • Specifically outlined sets and repetitions
  • Guidance and motivation throughout the program

View the image below to see a sample program...
Click Here For More Information About Online Training
"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."  - Robert Frost
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