Back to School! GAPS/Paleo Lunchbox Ideas

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Back to school snacks - GAPS & Paleo Friendly!
Paprika Chicken Strips with salad; and Pumpkin Bread Fritters
Well, it's that time of year again! For those of you with kids heading off to school, suddenly there's all the packed lunches to prepare each day! And if you're on GAPS, or following a paleo or wholefood diet, it's not as simple as chucking a couple of vegemite sandwiches, a packet of chips and a popper into the lunchbox - right? 

So in case you're feeling like you need some inspiration, I've got a few ideas for you to get you started. I've included snacks my kids love, as well as lots of ideas from readers who've shared on Facebook! Thanks guys!
Burger Bowl; and Coconut Flour Vanilla Cupcakes 

Burger Bowls!


Pop a couple of plain minced beef/chicken/turkey burgers (made just with minced meat and salt), in one part of the lunchbox, then in the other compartments, let the kids put an assortment of salad veggies and condiments to add to eat with the 'burgers'. Keep it all cold with a cold brick. (I just raid the fridge and put anything I can find out on the counter for them to choose from.)

Ideas for Burger Bowls:
- plain minced meat burger (with salt) - or see variation below
- cos lettuce leaves (good for wrapping up the burger)
- carrot sticks
- cherry tomatoes/tomato slices
- cheese (if they can have it)
- homemade tomato sauce or mayonnaise
- caramelised onion (if they like it)
- homemade pickles/pickled beetroot/sauerkraut
- olives
- boiled or even fried egg
- avocado (if they're not $5 each, eek!)
- asparagus (steamed)

Variation: You can obviously also use homemade fish 'nuggets' or 'fingers' instead of the burgers - see this post for recipe:

GAPS Burger Bowl:

For kids on earlier stages of GAPS who aren't yet ready for salad:
- cook burgers or mini meatballs in broth then scoop out & chill
- cook carrot sticks, pumpkin cubes and broccoli florets in broth and scoop out & chill
- add avocado if they can have it
- add some homemade pickles or sauerkraut if they can have it
- arrange together in lunchbox, with a dollop of homemade GAPS tomato sauce or 24 hour sour cream or egg yolk mayonnaise

(It's so nice to have a cold, finger food meal when you're on the early stages of GAPS, especially in summer, so this was popular with our kids!)

GAPS and Paleo Lunch & Snack Ideas:
- Fish/Chicken Fingers or Nuggets
- Paprika Chicken Strips w/ salad
- Pumpkin Bread Muffins (can use pepitas instead of almonds if nut free)
- Grain Free Fritters (use Pumpkin bread batter, add leftover meat & veg, fry fritters in ghee/coconut oil)
- Zucchini & Pepita Muffins
- Boiled eggs
- Avocado (pack some salt and a spoon to scoop it out)
- Olives, pickles
- Cheese slices/cubes (if allowed)
- Cold, leftover meat (chicken drumsticks, meatballs, sliced roast, pork belly squares, paleo sausages)
- Cold steamed veggies/veggies cooked in broth
- Roasted pumpkin cubes, cold (or sweet potato if paleo)
- Salads, or raw veggie sticks
- Sunflower seed butter (or nut butter if allowed - both recipes in my book) w/ carrot sticks or in celery
- Seed crackers
- 24 hour yoghurt w/ berries or honey
- Kefir cream w/ stewed fruit
- Pumpkin pancakes
- Stewed apple w/ cinnamon (w/ pancakes or yoghurt)
- Banana crepes (1 ripe banana whisked with 2 eggs, cooked in ghee/coconut oil)
- Homemade custard, chilled (w/ fruit if allowed) (Caramel Custard, or GAPS Custard in this recipe)
- Ginger, fruit or milk jellies
- Homemade granola / trail mix (omit nuts if not allowed)
- Trailmix Clusters
- Omelette filled with steamed veggies, cheese (if allowed), chicken, avocado, mayonnaise
- Soups, stews, curries, bolognese with veggie noodles, leftovers - in Thermos
- Coconut flour cupcakes
- Grain Free, Egg Free Chocolate Banana Cake
- Chia puddings w/ fruit (if paleo)
Coconut Chia Pudding with frozen berries, trail mix, and a little honey - very filling and yummy!

For those of you who want to know, "How do you do it all??" and would like some tips for time management, prioritising, and organising the chaos - (plus changing habits bit by bit and how to get started with healthy eating!) - have a listen to this interview I did for The Activity Pod with Annette Jones and Mel Kettle! (Don't worry, I keep it real - I'm not pretending I have it all together!!) I think you'll like it. smile emoticon

Listen Here!
UPDATE on Quirky Cooking for Gut Health Program: 

Thanks to all of you who have asked about the program - as you know my life is crazy (lol!) so I'm not quite finished yet. I'll let you know as soon as the site is finished and the program ready to go - meanwhile, keep an eye on emails!

Have a great rest-of-the-week guys, chat soon!
Jo xx
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