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Wine Flour Coming Next Week!!
Tasting Notes
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It's our 2nd Birthday today and what better way to celebrate than to give away wine flour?!! 
Details below....
Wine Flour Coming Next Week!!

What: Finger Lakes Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Flour for Sale!


Where: OR 5953 Fausold Road Hector, NY (the tan/red building)


When: Starting April 29th, 2015


Why: Wine flour adds flavor, nutrition and color to any and all recipes! These flours come from some of the finest Finger Lakes grapes and are sun dried,  hand sorted, hand sifted and artisan stone milled. 


How: Will power and the "Three C's" (Cash, Check or Credit)!! 

Tasting Notes:
Our sweetest wine flour variety is balanced with flavors of honeysuckle, graham cracker, rose petals and green apple with a lightly acidic finish.


 Recipe Suggestions:

Breads/Breading, Crackers, Cookies, Apple Pie

Tasting Notes:
As our most robust wine flour there will be a pop of intense berry flavors to hit your tongue with a flash of tannins and earthiness followed by a lingering finish of sour cherry.

Recipe Suggestions:

Meat Rubs, Soup Thickener, Brownies, cake

Don't want to wait until next Wednesday? 
Join our Pre-Release Wine Flour Contest! 

Here's the deal...

There are three major differences between my semi-final and final label designs, see pictures below, (these do not include size or colors)...can you find them?

The contest is open until 9 PM (Thursday) April 23rd. I will be pooling the names of the people with the correct answer and pick the winner on video tomorrow!!

What do you win?

The winner will be the first to receive 8 beautiful ounces of the first ever, Finger Lakes produced, Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Flour (a $14 value)!!

Send Answers to: or message Finger Lakes Wine Flour on facebook!


Stay tuned for our opening week!!!!!

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