Finger Lakes Wine Flour

Harvest is upon us which means our first commercial production of Finger Lakes wine flour is just around the corner!
Wine flour comes from recycled seeds and skins of grapes after they are pressed for their juice. Our flours are made from grapes that are located in the best growing regions around the Finger Lakes!
These gourmet flours are produced in a zero waste environment, are sun dried using PV solar and solar thermal energy,  and are cold pressed to ensure that no harmful heat chemicals get into the finished product. 
These non-invasive techniques are used to ensure that the best and most natural product is brought to market for you to enjoy!

What else is awesome about our wine flour? Continue reading below!

Recipe of the Month: Finger Lakes Riesling Cupcakes!
This recipe contains, a 1/3 cup of Finger Lakes Riesling Wine, 1 TBS of Finger Lakes Riesling Flour and 1/4 cup of Finger Lakes Riesling Oil. Would you like to make this recipe at home? E-mail Hilary at

We've made hundreds of mini Riesling cupcakes in the last few months however, the month of August has proven to be a special treat in that we've handed out over one hundred in the last few days! If you own a business and would like to try some of our sample treats before you purchase any flour, contact Hilary. If you don't own a business, so what? We can bake these little beauties for private parties too!

NYC Trip!
Sustainable Viticulture Systems visited NYC at the end of June to pitch our wine flour product to eleven bakeries, one retail store and one food co-op. Success! Starting this December, if you are a resident of the New York City area, look for our products in Park Slope Food Co-op, Brooklyn; Krumville Bakeshop, Brooklyn and many more to come!

Photo: Courtesy of Margaret Amisano


Wine flour:
Not only tastes good but it's also extremely healthy for you! With antioxidant power 40X greater than that of a blueberry, need I say anymore? Well, grape flour is also packed with fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals and it just so happens to be gluten free! Have all of the gluten free recipes you've tasted or tried at home come out with a consistency of cardboard? Our grape flour is a game changer, a flour that can give you all of the nutrients you need while packing a delicious earthy and nutty flavor profile is something to be reckoned with!

Twenty-Five Percent of our flours from the 2014 harvest season have already been pre-ordered. If you would like to be put on our pre-order list please e-mail Hilary!

In our next issue:

Photos from the Ithaca By Firelight launch party in Ithaca, NY!
Sustainable Viticulture Systems will be showcasing recipes at this event in September!
Go to to find out more about this awesome new business!

Also look for a new recipe of the month and updates on our progress as we get closer and closer to our launch date!

Cheers to Keeping the Finger Lakes Beautiful!

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