Weekly Newsletter #34  (23 January 2015)
Catalonia Votes

Understanding the agreement that will lead to the 27S independence vote

The two main pro-independence parties have decided to go together despite their differences

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1.4 million Catalans signed international complaint against Rajoy for banning self-determination vote

The petition will be sent to the UN, the European Parliament, the European Commission, the Council of Europe and the OSCE.   Read more

The case of Santiago Vidal: the persecution of a pro-independence judge

The judge can be sanctioned for having drawn up the draft of a hypothetical Catalan constitution. Read more

The Catalan Tax Agency will hire 170 new professionals

This organisation plays a main role in the roadmap to sovereignty.   Read more

Catalonia requests €9.46 billion in loans from Spanish Government’s Liquidity Fund

Spanish Government recentralises powers and increases Catalonia’s debt.   Read more

Catalonia approves special status for Occitan Val d’Aran, including its right to self-determination

The new law recognises the Occitan national reality. Read more


Why was an agreement on plebiscitary elections so hard to reach?

Article by Catalan writer and academic Ferran Sáez Mateu.
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Unionist arguments in Great Britain and Spain

Article by economist Modest Guinjoan.
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Three visions of Catalonia in Madrid

DIPLOCAT presents the book “The Independence of Catalonia Explained to my Spanish Friends”. Read more

Book Review

Victus – The Fall of Barcelona

The Irish Times reviews tha Catalan bestseller and criticises the Spanish embassy in the Netherlands for cancelling the presentation of the novel in Utrecht.
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Who says what?

Viggo Mortensen

American actor

“In the long term, I think the Spanish government is making a mistake in not doing what the United Kingdom did with Scotland. Let them vote.”
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Policy papers

Catalonia in Contention

Ali Hakim
Harvard Political Review. September 27, 2014.
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